How to remain calm in any conflict situation: five tips

Как сохранить спокойствие в любой конфликтной ситуации: пять советов

Stress, bad mood, personal failures can cause conflict. In order not to aggravate the situation and not to do anything stupid, you should learn to remain calm. Are five proven ways on how to remain calm in any conflict situation.
Take a pause

Often it turns out that people reacts instantly to a conflict situation, immediately starting to attack or defend. Try to take a pause and analyze your emotions and the situation. Surely you will be able to look at it from the other side and calmly resolve the situation or at least to respond to it.

Learn to listen

Most conflicts arise due to poor communication. Under the influence of emotions the person can not only start to say what you don’t need, but just not to hear his opponent. And it is very important to learn to listen to not to miss anything and understand what you want.

Watch the tone of your voice

When you raise your voice – this is a sign that you are impacted by and involved in the conflict. It’s like a signal of threat. One of the most simple but effective way to avoid tension is to have a conversation in low tones.

Be persistent

To feel safe in a conflict, it is important to be persistent and not allow your opponent to trample you into the dirt. Confidence and perseverance will be felt and give you more chances to get out of conflict situations the winner.

Stay in your opinion

Not every conflict can be solved quickly and easily. It is therefore important to understand how it all started and what is your opinion on this matter. It is important to stay in my opinion and without aggression to prove it. It often happens that all ends when all opponents remain unconvinced.

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