How to remove all the dirt from the intestines, lose weight and improve your health: one method of soft cleaning

Как удалить всю грязь из кишечника, похудеть и оздоровиться: поможет один метод мягкой очистки

To get rid of many diseases enough to clean the intestines of mucus, fecal stones and parasites. Imagine how 70 years of life through the intestines 100 tons of food and 40 thousand liters of fluid.

As a result, the intestines accumulates more than 15 kg of fecal stones, toxic waste, poisoning the blood and causing irreparable harm to our body.

Cleansing with enemas is very expensive and not always effective. Using enemas is cleaned only a small portion of the colon (40-50 cm).

Today we offer you a recipe for deliverance from years of mucus, fecal stones and parasites , thanks to 1-3 dessert spoons of flour from seed of flax, within three weeks. Thus will keep their intestinal flora.

Application: use for cooking 2-3 tsp per serving.

Colon cleanse 1 week:
1 dessert spoon of flour+100 g sour cream or yogurt

Week 2:
2 dessert spoons of flour +100 g sour cream or yogurt

Week 3:
3 dessert spoons of flour +150 g sour cream or yogurt

Flour can be made by Smolov flax seeds in a coffee grinder!

Take this mixture instead of Breakfast. Sour cream can be replaced with any dairy product. In the period of cleaning it is necessary to stay hydrated: drink water to 2 liters a day.

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