How to restore health without drugs: tips from a famous Japanese gastroenterologist Hiromi Shinya

Как восстановить здоровье без таблеток: советы от известного японского гастроэнтеролога Хироми Шинья

The Japanese are renowned for their health and longevity. They have long cherish the recipes of their ancestors, following a long tradition. And their women look great even in adulthood, largely due to a balanced diet. Let’s find out how exactly they do it.
A famous Japanese doctor, a gastroenterologist, a surgeon with an experience of over 40 years, Hiromi Shinya, in his writings writes about how to eat right, improve their health and increase vitality. He painted the whole program in his two books: “About harm of a healthy diet” and “Magic enzymes”. To his advice listened not only simple inhabitants, but also celebrities such as: Kevin Klein, sting, Dustin Hoffman and many others. They were able to restore their health without the use of any medicines, but only by establishing the correct diet and abandoning harmful habits.+

Change principles of nutrition

If you want to maintain your health, then the first, and at the same time, an important step will be the rejection of bad habits. In addition, observations of the Japanese gastroenterologist Hiromi Shinya, for a person detrimental eating animal products. Milk and dairy products are no exception. The fact that they contain the so-called oxidized fats, which when released into the intestine, increase the amount of harmful bacteria, forming the free radicals and toxins (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia). The consequence of such negative impacts are diseases such as allergies, leukemia, and diabetes.+

If you follow the guidelines of the Japanese gastroenterologist, you should balance your diet in such a way as to establish the right balance of products:+

  • Meat should be no more than 10-15%.
  • Herbal products — not less than 85-90%.

It is necessary to observe the following proportions:

Cereals — 50% of the daily consumption of food

They contain necessary for human fiber, and many micronutrients. But in order to Krupa did not cause disease (such as diabetes), and could only bring the maximum benefit to our body, it must be consumed in the raw form. Unpolished rice is a good example. The thing is that the shell that is present in the raw grain cereals, does not quickly absorbed carbohydrates. Consequently, slows down the process of digestion and feeling of satiety becomes longer.+

Fruits and vegetables — 35-40% of the daily consumption of food

They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals necessary for normal human functioning of the whole organism. As some minerals, we only obtain the intake of certain foods, you must properly balance your diet. In addition, it is better to eat foods that have not undergone heat treatment.+

Meat – no more than 10-15% of the daily consumption of food

A small percentage associated with what our body spends too much energy digesting meat. In addition, it is difficult to digest, and its use leads to rapid aging. It is best to replace meat with fish. The fact that its temperature is below human body temperature so it is easier absorbed by the body, and also contains more nutrients. To calculate the required amount of meat or fish per day you can use the following scheme: for every kilogram of your weight needs to consume 1 g of protein product. Thus, if you weight 70 kg you will need 70 grams of meat or fish.+

We should completely abandon milk products and fatty foods (margarine, mayonnaise, lard). Also, do not eat “on the run” — such a diet is often involves the use of enough waste products and the intake of food in large chunks. It is also necessary to carefully chew, biting off little by little. So you eat less and help your body in the further processing of the received products.+

Scientists believe that with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle people are able to rewrite their genes. Learn how to properly consume food (not just in pleasure, but on demand), will be healthier and the next generation.+

Learn how to drink water

Be sure to discipline yourself to drink quality water. It must be artesian, but not from the kettle or tap. Drink a glass of water immediately after you Wake up and washed. And while you are thinking, enough time passes, and you will be able to sit down to Breakfast. In any case not skip it, as it is very important for the body. The fact that postprandial flow of bile, which has accumulated over night and needs to come out. Otherwise, if you ignore the Breakfast, in the gallbladder the stones are formed.+

Regimen water Hiromi Shinya

Hiromi Shinya strongly advises each of us to accustom ourselves to drink enough good, warm water. It moisturizes mucous membranes, thereby enhancing immunity and protecting from virus attacks. The fact that when the body lacks water, the person begins to feel dry mouth. Dries the mucous membranes adhere to the surface and lets in the germs and bacteria. Do not forget that water is part of lymph, which cleans our body from toxins, being the protective system. Its normal function without sufficient consumption of clean water is impossible.+

Therefore, follow the basic rules of water intake, which has developed Shinya:+

  • Drink 500 ml of water before Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Ensure that its temperature was room (at 35-40C the enzymes are more active)
  • SIP

Why water

The fact is that most drinks contain sugar, which contributes to dehydration of the human body. It doesn’t matter whether you drink soda or green tea (incidentally, the latter can lead to atrophic changes in the stomach and gastritis).+

Clean water is rapidly absorbed through the stomach walls and in the bloodstream gets to every cell in our body. If you feel a light thirst – it means that it is time to drink a glass of water. Interestingly, to determine the lack of water will help you pee. In color it must be absolutely transparent. If you see any darkening immediately drink water!+

Undoubtedly, proper diet, and avoiding harmful habits help to improve your well-being, health and vitality. Also, they reduce the number of “trips” to the doctors and receive all kinds of medicines. Remember, the sooner you take care of yourself, the faster and better the results!

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