How to seduce a man in 2 minutes: TOP 10 ways

Как соблазнить мужчину за 2 минуты: ТОП-10 способов

Surely at least once in the life of every fairer sex were swamped by a wave of passion and lust. In such moments it is extremely important to knowing how to seduce a man for 2 minutes. This will be discussed in our article.

So, what tricks you can use to in just a few moments to awaken in him a mad desire?

How to seduce a man in 2 minutes

A closer look

There is nothing more excites and sexy than gaze eye to eye. It would be ideal if the first take view it. Do not be afraid of their desires, let them all read them in your eyes. Through eye contact a lot to understand.

The presence of makeup

How many men are not told that prefer natural girls beauty, all the same minimal amount of makeup on the woman’s face they greet. Especially the lipstick on the lips. Men like to watch isn’t the result of makeup with the process of applying… So do not miss the sensuously, slowly and in a big way to paint with your sponge. It will certainly not leave him indifferent.

Tap it

Unexpected touch is certainly exciting. Here the main thing – not to frighten! During the conversation, take his arm when you pass by – problemite it. Just like that, without reason. By the way, this technique is perfectly valid in combination with eye contact.

Whisper in your ear

Every time you catch him looking at me? A hundred percent believe that managed to interest? Then, passing him, slightly problemite his shoulders and whisper in my ear the following sentence: “shall we Dance today?”. It is very efficient and reliable way.

The trick with the drink

Go to the man take from his hands the glass. Take a SIP and give the drink in his hand. A crank with a strange man only a brave woman.


It’s a win-win and the easiest option, which is suitable for even the most modest of girls. You can ask him to dance – it can be slow or fast. The main thing – to move sensually and don’t keep your distance. Can whisper in his ear something funny, or intimate, your hand on his hair or shoulders. Then finish him off with another gesture take his hands in hers and it’s yours.

Make compliments

As you know, women love with their ears, but men also like to hear compliments in the address. However, this should not be something pretentious or banal. Look him in the eye and praise him for something: muscles, hands, body, the gaze, sexuality. At the same time to praise a wicked look, a sense of humor or mind is not worth it.

Call me, call

The goal of any seduction is to be tempted. So after the meeting to continue the dialogue in an intimate setting, don’t forget to leave your number. You can write it on a napkin and leave it near him. Attribute next to the room name, if you were not familiar.

There are a few tips that will perfectly work for you:

• Touch yourself – correct locks, strap, and swipe my lips with your fingers.
• Undo an extra button on the shirt so that you can see the cleavage between the Breasts.
• Feel free to wear a mini (advice to owner of the shapely hips and beautiful legs).
• Club atmosphere.
• The presence of his friend.
• Self-confidence.

What not to do under any circumstances?

• Dress like a hike or the gym.
• Sitting surrounded by food, especially if it is a large fries and big Burger.
• Do not apply makeup.
• To forget about hair removal.

Good hunting!

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