How to stop feeling insecure in relationships

We are all deficient in some way. You – not the exception. That is why the relationship can’t be perfect.

Як перестати відчувати невпевненість у стосунках

We are all deficient in some way. You – not the exception. That is why the relationship can’t be perfect. The main thing to find a man, the imperfection of which will suit you, informs Rus.Media.

Good relationships are based on sharing with another person your ideas and wonderful moments of life. The point is to help each other to grow and develop both personally and professionally. To grow the right ways.

If your significant other is cheating on you, is rude and does not respect, feel bad in such a relationship quite naturally. But if your relationship is more or less okay, but you still feel not confident? Then it’s time to…

Stop trying to read the thoughts of the partner

Most of the problems in relationships and related experience, which arise from the fact that partners no longer communicate with each other. Therefore, each of them is forced to “read” the thoughts of another. In such a situation, each partner assumes that he knows what the other one thinks. In fact it is not. All these questions swirling in my head, and trying to guess what the other one thinks, may very quickly lead to stress and uncertainty in relationships.

If the partner tells you something, don’t convince yourself that his words are hidden a different meaning. If he is silent, do not convince yourself that this silence has some bad implications. Behave accordingly.

Don’t make me guess what you’re thinking. Clearly Express their thoughts and feelings. Responsible for his words. Give people the necessary information and do not expect that they will figure it all out.

It is important to remember that you just can’t know everything that’s going on in the head of the other. It is simply impossible, even if we are talking about very close people.

Ceasing to try to read the thoughts of others, you will respect their right to their own life. Do not continually ask the person what she was thinking. So you will only push her to the conflict. Everyone has the right to personal space and time.

Stop looking for ideal relationship

If you always and everywhere looking for perfection, then you have whole life it will take to find the perfect friend or life partner. What’s worse, the process of searching for the ideal will drive you crazy. Repeatedly refusing relationships that don’t meet your standard, you will become more and more confident.

We’re all looking for that very special and perfect to us. If you are behind already have the experience, you realize that the perfect partner does not exist. We are all deficient in some way. You – not the exception. That is why the relationship can’t be perfect. The main thing to find a man, the imperfection of which will suit you.

Only after you will deal with their own shortcomings, you will be able to build a strong relationship. Only then you will understand what man you need.

Stop drawing conclusions about relationships based on past experience

Recall a time when you are unjustly considered a bad person just because she reminded you of someone from the past. The person who treated you poorly.

Unfortunately, some people are projecting their negative experiences of previous relationships on your relationships in the present. For the fact that in past relationships you have been insulted, lied to or heart broken, you will now seek to defend. You are protected from someone who tries to get to know you. You are trying to defend themselves, even if the new relationship is not like the previous one. You do this even if you respect and support.

If you continue to drag the past into the present, you will not be able to keep a new relationship. They will collapse just the same as the previous one.

If so, priselaite for a minute. Analyze everything that was in a bad relationship. Think about what your present different from the past. This simple exercise will help you release the burden of the past. You realize that last negative scenario should not necessarily be repeated.

To stop inventing problems that don’t exist

To invent problems, and then convince themselves their existence means to harm himself. We are very often worried about what might be and what can not. Live in a world of negative fantasies and constantly expected the worst. Pay attention to everything except the simple and clear truth…

Coming up with problems in relationships, you only harm them. Most often this tendency to invent problems occurs through your lack of confidence. If you doubt yourself and do not know their value, you will deprive yourself the opportunity to feel the care of others.

You need to realize that every relationship is special in its own way. They have their UPS and downs. There are moments filled with love and tenderness, and there are moments filled with misunderstanding and disagreement. The next time your insecurities will once again make themselves known, priselaite for a moment and take a deep breath. Tell yourself: “This problem that’s bothering me, exists only in my mind.”

Learn to distinguish the imaginary from the real means to make a big step forward on the path to self-confidence.

To stop focusing solely on the negative

No matter what you think, but the imperfection is not only real, but beautiful in its own way. The happiness of couples is in direct proportion to the ability to accept each other such what you are. How perfect will be the relationship depends on how well the partners are able to accept the flaws and deal with them.

This does not mean that you should let into your life every person that is willing to accept you just the way you are. This does not mean that you have to let someone who obviously doesn’t suit you. We are talking of little else. If in your relationship from time to time difficulties arise, you do not need to make radical conclusions about what relationships are unsuccessful. Excessive anxiety and worries will only worsen the situation. No need to doubt yourself. You can become so confident that the partner actually will start to doubt your intentions regarding the relationship.

In any serious relationship is difficult to be completely calm. Trying to think in “black and white” you will only create more problems. Difficulties will always be. Despite this, you can always focus on the good that is in the relationship.

Insecure people constantly look for signs that something is wrong. You must do the opposite, that is, to draw attention to the fact that the relationship is good.

The ability to notice how beautiful the people around you, will only benefit your relationship with them. They become more harmonious. Celebrate the strengths of others. Rejoice in their victories. Inspire. Every day recognize how beautiful they are.