How to stop hair loss

On average, we lose about 80 hairs a day.

Як зупинити випадіння волосся

Hair loss is a part of everyday life, it is a natural process. But this does not mean that you have to vacuum every day so that your carpet does not become a coat Chewbacca. Excessive hair loss is far from normal, it needs to be treated, so tell how to stop hair loss quickly and effectively, informs Rus.Media.

On average, we lose about 80 hairs a day if you start to lose much more or you notice that they don’t grow, then is the time to sound the alarm. The fact that when it comes to loss of hair, there are so many potential triggers that it is difficult to determine the exact factor, respectively, and to correct the situation. Therefore, when the loss is primarily important to find the cause.

Causes of hair loss

Problems with the thyroid gland or age-related hormonal changes: the sharp jump of hormones can have a negative impact on the condition of the skin and hair. If you notice excessive hair loss, hand over the test for hormones. Sometimes the use of contraceptives containing hormones can also worsen the condition of the curls.

Genetic predisposition: there is a simple masks to restore thickness of hair will not help, in this case, you must consult a trichologist to find the right drugs.

Sudden weight loss: rapid weight loss – stress to the body through which the body loses many vitamins and minerals, consequently, deteriorating health and appearance of hair.

Aging, unfortunately, we’re all getting older. While women aged 50-60 years is a lot of physiological changes that are often observed hair loss. This process is natural, so it is not always curable. sometimes to correct the situation can only change. Mesotherapy part might work too.

Vitamin deficiency: in the autumn and winter season, you may notice symptoms of deficiency. To solve the problem, you need to add in your diet foods that contain useful vitamins, and to take special supplements for hair growth. Have vegans and vegetarians often observed hair loss. Start regularly eat eggs, fish, meat and perhaps the problem of baldness would not bother you. If you are a dedicated vegan, take supplements like fish oil or vitamin A and E capsules. But before taking supplements, consult your doctor to avoid adverse reactions.

Excess vitamin A: Yes, vitamins can help with hair loss, but an overabundance of them, too, negatively affects your hair. A glut of vitamin A can sometimes lead to the loss of tresses. If this happens, stop taking supplements that the body recovered.

Eating disorders: anorexia or bulimia is often observed hair loss. It is not only lack nutrients, but also in psychological stress.

Pregnancy: many women face the fact that during pregnancy the hair falls out profusely especially. Business in hormones. In most cases, the body recovers by itself in a month or two after birth, and the curls are thick as before pregnancy.

Physical and psychological injury: illness, medication and stress is often the cause of hair loss. Treatment is not always necessary, the body can recover over time.

There are a few ways that will help to restore the natural hair density.

Don’t panic

Treatment is a slow process. Our locks grows in cycles, and this means that after the detection of the trigger of hair loss and start of treatment should be about 3 months. And the panic due to the fact that the process is so slow it can take for treatment. Remember, stress is harmful for your beauty and health.

Eat more protein

Hair consists of protein, making the necessary daily intake of food rich in protein. Eat protein for Breakfast and lunch to minimize the loss of strands.

Complex carbohydrates necessary

They give our hair the energy necessary for its growth. If meals remains more than four hours, snack on healthy carbs (fresh fruit, wholemeal bread). The level of energy of the hair cells decreases after that amount of time.

If you’re losing hair due to something other than diet, such as stress or illness, change of diet, the situation is not correct.

Get to styling with the mind

So, this tight beam may look cool, but it can put extra strain on the strands. Avoid too tight hairstyles that cause tension, weakening of hair and hair follicles. Also you should avoid too “heavy” creams and mousses for styling the hair.

In addition, refrain from ploek and Styler, switch the Hairdryer to cold mode.

Make a mask or restorative procedures

Mask for hair growth activate the “dormant” follicles, so in place of lost hair will grow new ones. Treatments that accelerate the microcirculation in the scalp and saturate the useful substances will also help. Head massage, mesotherapy of the part, various Spa programs, exfoliating the scalp can help.

Homemade hair masks to restore the natural density will help those that are composed of castor oil or burdock. Coconut oil with thin curls will only burden them, so in pure form it is better not to apply. However, it has a lot of protein and fatty acids, which help seal strands and hair growth. It is therefore useful to dilute the coconut oil with other oils-the basics. For example, olive, burdock, castor, almond.