How to store coffee beans, packaging, temperature, humidity

That morning Cup of coffee gave you only the pleasure, and the scent of vivacity spread throughout the house, learn all about the rules of storage of the product.

Як зберігати каву в зернах: упаковка, температура, вологість

It is important to know how to store coffee, grain and ground, because the necessary requirements are the drink will lose its taste. Fans of certain varieties often buy the product with the stock. Storage of grains at the correct temperature and in appropriate containers allows not to lose the pleasant aroma and rich taste of the brewed beverage, informs Rus.Media.

Buying grains in bulk to coffee shops, at first glance, ensures the freshness and quality of the product. However, this is not advantageous in terms of cost (big package is much cheaper). And how can you be sure that the store adhered to all the necessary conditions? That morning Cup of coffee gave you only the pleasure, and the scent of vivacity spread throughout the house, learn all about the rules of storage of the product.

General retention rules

The highest resistance to flavor loss have green coffee beans. To store green coffee beans should only in an airtight jar to deadly for this product air does not penetrate into the packaging. It is advisable to place the Bank in a dark place with no sunlight. Raw grains can be stored for more than 1 year, if you follow all the rules.

Roasted coffee, to which all got used, stored much less green. Original package with valve retains the flavor for about 2-3 months (the time specified on the packaging). After opening or mechanical damage, the storage period is reduced to 15 days. Especially demanding “coffee lover” I advise you to use the package in 10 days. This does not mean that the drink will become unfit for human consumption, but the decline of taste and richness of flavor provided.

  • Packing. The autopsy cut only a small area. After dumping the required amount of beans release the maximum amount of air a few times, wrap the severed part of the package and fasten the clasp.
  • Bank. The main condition – air tightness. Storing coffee in a glass or plastic jar with airtight lid has a longer period.

Як зберігати каву в зернах: упаковка, температура, вологість

Special package

Offering to keep coffee beans in the package, experts say not on thin plastic bags with handles. In stores specializing in the sale of tea and coffee drinks, you can buy special bags for storing coffee beans. They are made of thick polyethylene with a layer of foil. Located at the top of the sealed closure from the bottom there is a valve.

The advantages of using packages is obvious.

  • In a zipped package with the grain or ground coffee does not absorb odors. The grains have a porous structure that facilitates the absorption of outside flavors. The hermetic closure protects not only from air but also from excessive moisture.
  • Fresh coffee releases gas. This package is equipped with a special valve that releases the air from the packaging and don’t allow him to get inside.
  • The package can be compressed, which will lead to sealing of the product and minimizes the penetration of air between the grains.
  • Due to the layer of aluminum foil packaging prevents exposure to direct sunlight.

In the package of coffee may last up to 2 weeks without loss of flavor and aroma.

Як зберігати каву в зернах: упаковка, температура, вологість


Best banks material – glass, clay, ceramics. The Bank should have a tight-fitting lid (with a layer of silicone), which prevents the penetration of moisture and air. Give preference to banks with opaque walls in order to protect the product from ingress of light.

Storing coffee in airtight containers has several disadvantages in comparison with special packages

  • Immediately after roasting beans formation of gases, therefore it is better to wait a couple of days before you move the roasted product in the Bank.
  • After the cover is closed in a Bank remains closed and the air moisture that promotes the processes of oxidation.
  • Transparent glass transmits light, such Bank is better to wrap the solid matter.

Experts advise not to use containers of plastic (bottles or containers) of three reasons. First, the material has a specific smell, which quickly absorbs into the grains. Second, the containers have sufficient air-tightness (air and moisture get inside). Thirdly, they have transparent walls, do not protect the product from ingress of light rays.

Як зберігати каву в зернах: упаковка, температура, вологість

Where to store?

Storage of coffee has a different limit based on not only the packaging but also from place to place. Storing the product in cupboard, fridge and freezer. Each space has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Kitchen Cabinet

This place is perfect for storage of coffee that you grind and brew daily. The optimum temperature, no moisture and darkness are essential for the conservation of the product. Should not be placed in a package or jar of beans in the cupboard near the oven or plate and also in front of the window facing the Sunny side.

  • Refrigerator

Despite the common belief that coffee can and should be stored in the refrigerator, do not conduct this experiment at home. The temperature in the chamber of the refrigerator between +2°C to +6°C. It is not sufficiently low and do not ensure freshness of the product. In addition, when repeated removal of the package from the fridge grain covered with condensation which turns to water and leads to rapid spoilage of fresh product.

  • Freezer

This is the best place for long-term preservation of fresh coffee. However, you need to immediately pour the required amount of beans that you will use for the daily grind. If you freeze the grains after roasting, they will retain freshness for up to 2 months.

If you have selected a suitable container and place of storage, the aroma of freshly ground coffee will fill your home even a few months after purchase.