How to survive after a nuclear explosion if the third world will begin

Как выжить после ядерных взрывов, если третья мировая все же начнется

We have dismantled a nuclear explosion on five affecting factors and figured out how to escape from each of them. Ready? Flash on the left!

The shock wave

Как выжить после ядерных взрывов, если третья мировая все же начнется

Most of the destruction from a nuclear explosion happens from the shock wave, rushing with supersonic speed (in the atmosphere — more than 350 m/s). While no one was looking, we took a thermonuclear W88 warhead with a capacity of 475 kilotons, the armament of the United States, and found that when it explodes in a radius of 3 km from the epicenter will not be left nothing and no one; at a distance of 4 km construction will be thoroughly defeated, and 5 km further destruction will be medium and weak. The chances of survival will only appear if you’re going to be at least 5 km from the epicenter (and if they have time to hide in the basement).

Light emission

Как выжить после ядерных взрывов, если третья мировая все же начнется

Causes ignition of combustible materials. But even being far away from gas stations and warehouses with “Time”, you risk getting burns and eye damage. Why hide behind some obstacle like huge boulders, covered with head sheet metal or other noncombustible thing and shut your eyes. After the explosion W88 at a distance of 5 km you may not kill the shock wave, but the light can cause second-degree burns. It’s those nasty blisters. At a distance of 6 km there is a risk of burns first degree: redness, swelling, swelling of the skin — in a word, nothing serious. But the best part happens if you manage to be at 7 km from the epicenter: even tan is guaranteed.

Electromagnetic pulse

Как выжить после ядерных взрывов, если третья мировая все же начнется

If you’re not a cyborg, impulse, you are not afraid: he brings down only the electric and electronic equipment. Just know that, if on the horizon nuclear mushroom to make selfe in the background is useless. The range of the pulse depends on the height of the explosion and the environment and ranges from 3 to 115 km.

Penetrating radiation

Despite a terrible name, fun and harmless. It kills every living only within a radius of 2-3 km from the epicenter, where you are in any case going to kill the shock wave.

Radioactive contamination

The most despicable part of a nuclear explosion. Is a huge cloud, consisting of raised in the air by the explosion of radioactive particles. The geographical distribution of radioactive contamination is highly dependent on natural factors, primarily from the direction of the wind. If the blow W88 at wind speeds of 5 km/h, the radiation will be dangerous at the distance of 130 km from the epicenter in the direction of the wind (against the wind infection does not extend beyond 3 km). The rate of death from radiation sickness depends on the remoteness of the epicenter, weather, terrain, features of your body and heaps of other factors. Infected people can instantly die to live. How this happens is purely a matter of luck.

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