How to talk with rude: four effective phrases

Как правильно разговаривать с грубиянами: четыре эффективные фразы

Communication with strangers is not always fun. It depends on many factors, but one important to understand precisely: if you snapper – no leniency should not be. To your attention four effective phrases that instantly affect the bullies and disarm them.

1.Thank you

When someone is rude, the first reaction is, of course, be rude in response. But we should not stoop to the level of rude, better to catch him off guard. Just hear him out and then say “thank you”, turn around and walk away. Thus you say that the words of the bully is never caught and you still keep the situation under control.

2.Why are you always so negative?

If communicating with the person you notice that he constantly uses some negative attitudes and rudeness goes, you just face him to ask the question: why are you always so negative? First, it catches the man off guard, and secondly, you show that you notice all the negative attacks from the brute. So you shift attention back to where it should be — on your abuser. By the way, it might help him to leave this way.

3. And what kind of response you want to hear?

When your partner starts to be rude and to pour negativity, just ask him what kind of response you want to hear? Often it makes a person think about their words and behavior. And yet, he may not be the answer to your question, you will have the opportunity to challenge him to a Frank conversation to indicate to the misbehavior and perhaps even to understand the reasons. Of course, if you need it.

4. We’ll talk about it tomorrow

While dealing with the grumpies is important not to be impulsive, because they’re waiting for this. Even if you hook the words of your interlocutor, do not rush to respond in kind. Just say you’ll talk about it tomorrow. This reaction is exactly puzzled snapper and, most likely, your appointment tomorrow he wants to cancel.

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