How to teach man to give the right gifts: practical tips

Как научить мужчину дарить правильно подарки: практичные советы

There are a lot of holidays and, accordingly, reasons to give gifts. But it so happens that the man tried, searched, chose, and in the end gave not what you wanted. To your attention five ways that will help to avoid the annual frustration and teach your man to give you what exactly will like. But first it is important to understand why men have it so hard.

1. Just to maintain tradition

It was once thought that the gentleman can be taken as a gift only candy, flowers, a book of poetry or a bottle of perfume. Standards of decency have long changed, but many donors still follows the unwritten rule of “flowers — perfume — candy”.

Psychologist Elizabeth Dan from the University of British Columbia in the course of the experiments found that the gifts for men is a vibrant markers the compatibility of couples. If you get bad, so you partner doesn’t know and you’re not right for each other. That is why they are so afraid of making a mistake — because a woman can make the same conclusions. So here’s to you, honey, another box “Assorti”.

What to do? If your man lacks imagination, it is better to say directly what you want: concert tickets or a lamp for shellac. If you want to keep the element of surprise, on sites like Pinterest you can make a wishlist to 100 positions. Send a link to a list of favorite and freeze in happy anticipation.

2. To impress

Often a man sincerely wants to make his woman a Royal gift. In this case, wealthy men are primarily motivated by price. And then lucky could find yourself the owner of a picture of some modern genius brush or a pricey hours. But it still can survive. But megalomania, coupled with a modest finances, gives a more depressing effect. The man wants to give something worthwhile, like a new iPhone, which in the end gives nothing. Expensive gadget no money, and little things to waste your time a shame.

What to do? A similar strategy of women is not very clear. We know perfectly well that a good gift can be done with any budget. So be sure to praise the beloved in those infrequent moments when he guessed your wishes. Indicate that only the truly wise and enterprising man can still remember and “see through people”. Then the favorite will run through a brick wall, but will learn, what gift do you expect on March 8. But do not forget often keep my mouth shut and give tips.

3. To please you as much as last time

Admit it, you did it (especially in the beginning): get a gift of some unnecessary stuff, but not showing. With a joyful smile and flirt, “Thank you, dear! What cool earrings!” Although the rattles you feel like a soloist of the ensemble of Gypsy song. It’s done — in ten years presented to the tassels would be enough for the whole camp, but to explain that the first time it misfired, is somehow embarrassing.

What to do? To cheat! Tell me, dear, the concept has changed, now I like small stud earrings. Yes, here such we women are unpredictable.

Как научить мужчину дарить правильно подарки: практичные советы

4. Show your sense of humor

According to various polls, a sense of humor is consistently in the top five most attractive male qualities. It is a pity that men don’t always know when to turn off the fountain of wit and include a gravity and/or sentimentality. Who received a gift of a pack of gum in a box from Tiffany’s, he knows how not funny it is.

What to do? To it is not treated. And hope that someday a favorite will give you a diamond ring. Even the roll of toilet paper.

5. To show its solidity

Well, what could be the joy very expensive tiny bottle of smelling wretched lilies! Whether it is a cookbook, a vacuum cleaner or the coolest frying pan with non-stick coating. That’s the thing!

What to do? To explain that the gift is not for use, but for the soul. Well, then in detail, indicating the stores, tell what the soul requires. Better to do it now everyone will only get worse. Researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland found out who was better able to make gifts that couples who met recently, or families with a considerable experience in 30-40 years. The latter lost by a large margin. Scientists attribute this to the fact that with age people increasingly believe that the partner want the same thing to them.

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