How to teach my cat to tear up the furniture and Wallpaper

Before you teach my cat to tear up the Wallpaper, you need to identify the most common causes.

Як відучити кота дерти меблі і шпалери

The cat in the house is interesting and enjoyable, but sometimes a pet is behaving badly, and even damage property. Common problem of scratching the Wallpaper and furniture. But such habits of the pet can be weaned!

Why cats tear up furniture and Wallpaper

A lot of cats that live in homes and apartments, tear up the Wallpaper and furnishings. This is due to their physiology and characteristics of instincts and behavior. And there are several reasons:

  • Inadequate, missing or delayed education. Cats are smart, and the host is able to instill the pet rules of conduct, but not all educate pupils properly and on time.
  • Strongly ingrained habit. If the cat you have taken as adults from the street or other owners, and it is to meet you scratched the Wallpaper, in the new housing will continue in the same spirit.
  • Updates claws. Friction on any object during scratching allows you to remove dead skin particles krtova plates.
  • Refer to the territory. On the tips of the paws between the toes are the special glands secreting a secret. And that substance during scratching cats mark their possessions.
  • Boredom. If the pet no toys and space to play, it will burn off excess energy scratching and property damage.
  • Jealousy. A cat can be jealous owners of other Pets or children. Scratching is a way to attract attention and to designate the territory.
  • Competition with other animals. If Pets at home a few, each will guard possessions and seek to regain territory.

Organization of personal territory and scratching

How can I teach my cat to scratch the furniture and Wallpaper? When you get a pet, you should understand that he needs space, which is all you need for a comfortable and active life. Be sure to allow for the playing area, placing it crtiticise or multi-level rack with hard and soft areas for scratching, informs Rus.Media.

Як відучити кота дерти меблі і шпалери

Show the cat her area, show what you can do with certain items. If you manage to attract the pet’s attention, and he will appreciate the idea, most likely, will use kgatuke for its intended purpose, and the furniture and walls will be forgotten.

Kgatuke should be comfortable. There are different types: stand, strap, mats, beds, pillars and entire systems. The device should appeal to pet, so probably will have to try out several options. In addition, the accessory must be safe and securely fixed, because if he hits the cat, she will be scared and will not come to kogtetochke.

Important! Be sure to provide your cat with toys for an active and enjoyable time.

Special tools

There are lots of specialized tools for behavior modification of Pets. The first category is sprays weaning from scratching. They have sharp odors and cut into your favorite pet site. But some cats adapt to fragrances or don’t notice them.

The second category of funds – sprays to accustom kogtetochke. On the contrary, they attract the attention of the animal, have a pleasant smell. First, the cat pays attention to the plot, her mood improves and becomes playful, it starts to release the claws and to have fun, and the flavor retains positive emotions.

Correction, upbringing and care

In principle, to wean your cat from bad habits really at any age, but the sooner you start to do it, the better the chance to fix the animal and make well-mannered. Help tips:

  1. A spray bottle with water. As soon as the cat starts to tear up sofa or approaches it, spray her in the face with water. This should be done frequently or constantly to the pupil realized the connection of their actions and unpleasant feelings. The method requires time and patience, but in many cases it works.
  2. Noise. Noticing the intention of the pet to sharpen its claws have been launched or action of, make a loud sound, for example, shake a rattle or Hurst package. Cats don’t like sudden noises and scare them, so if you are going to manipulate every time you attempt to scratch the Wallpaper, and soon the animal will understand that this is not worth.
  3. Voice. When the pet starts to tear the Wallpaper or coming to his favorite place, a loud scream at him, roughly and clearly pronounce the name or say words like “impossible”, “scat”, “Kish”, “stop”. Intonation needs to be strict.
  4. Be laskavyi and closer to the cat. Perhaps her bad behavior – is trying to attract the attention of the owners. Communicate with your pet, talk, play, praise him, spend more time together, don’t let to get bored. Then the desire to scratch the furniture and the Wallpaper will arise, and it will not remain neither time, nor forces.

Як відучити кота дерти меблі і шпалери

Traditional methods

Try folk remedies:

  • Tincture of Valerian oil kgatuke.
  • Catnip will also attract the cat’s attention to the seat reserved for grinding claws.
  • In places that you want to “ward off” pet, spray the juice of citrus fruits, vinegar.
  • Hang on the furniture or the wall of a cotton pad with a sharp smelling essential oil or fabric bag with spices.

The patience of the owner and his proper behavior will help to teach your cat scratching furniture and Wallpaper.