How to train without a gym

In order to bring the body in shape, not necessarily to go to the gym. Do on your own, then you too will achieve gorgeous results. Only do not throw training. Beautiful figure – a real decoration of each person.

Як тренуватися без спортзалу

We all know how important it is to keep fit. But not always can afford a gym membership. Or have money but no time to study. Also not all gyms are qualified trainers, not all have high-quality equipment, informs Rus.Media.

In order to get in shape, not necessarily to go to the gym. You can lose weight and tighten the muscles themselves. Here are a few tips that will help you stay in shape without visiting the gym.

Observe mode

Practice constantly so that you will not be bored. To do this, you should make an exercise regime. Can stay on the normal charge, which is crammed with various exercises. They can perform at home or outdoors. Combine walking with other loads, and muscles will be toned. Mix of pushups, squats, jumping. For each exercise select less than a minute, so you definitely will not get bored.

Follow the diet

Indeed, without proper nutrition you will not lose weight. Do not allow feelings of hunger. When you are very hungry, you eat to satiety and to acquire excess weight. Plan your weekly menu. So you will not be distracted by high-calorie foods. In order to avoid temptations, as clearly as possible make the overall menu for a week, paint dishes almost every day.

Walk and ride your bike

Refrain from public transport, less car use. At the first available opportunity walk or to bike. It is a great replacement to the gym, and even the best cardio, and free, not worth a dime. A budget option, but what effective! Using the walking and Biking you imperceptibly to lose excess weight.


Lack of gym is that it gets boring soon. Every day you go there, do the boring exercises, dream to get out of there, impatiently looking at his watch. Just like in the office! But outside the gym you can train much more fun. For example, to drive in football or basketball with a friend. So easy to play hide and seek with the children, it is also exercise.

Select the best time for exercise

When you made up your mode, selected the appropriate exercises, you also need to follow the plan and not to be lazy. You need to detect how long it takes on your standard workout. Next you need to put your workout in the optimum time. For example, before work. So you will have a specific period of time when you are training and not doing other things.

Go Hiking

It is useful to walk around the city, but even better from time to time to leave the metropolis. For example, on a weekend hike outside of the city, agitate friends for a trip to the mountains. During a hike you will not only train legs and arms, but also become more resilient, strengthen the heart muscle.

Keep track of your progress

Fitness trainers say that the load should increase gradually so as not to harm their health and not to lose motivation. It is important to constantly motivate yourself, keep track of positive changes in the body. Get a special journal in which to note how much weight you have lost. There is no better motivation than your success.


You can enroll in a dance Studio or go to the disco, but you will get at home. Turn on energetic music and start incendiary dance. No need to be shy, no one sees you. You can still sing, singing also burns calories. Dancing not like boring exercises. They can engage in any free minute.

Find the visual motivation

On the Internet you can download a video with workouts for every taste. Magazines are full of pictures of models and bodybuilders. Use these tools for motivation. You can download a course of training which you like, happy for him to do in your free time. Or choose a figure of some celebrity as an example to follow. Gradually you sculpt the body of your dreams, you only need a specific example to follow.

Don’t forget the basic rules

Each workout consists of 5 basic elements. This warm-up, cardio, strength exercises, exercises for flexibility and hitch (end of training). A slow walk will replace the workout. Jogging, jumping rope or step aerobics are great for cardio, squats, push-UPS and dumbbells for weight training. Yoga and stretching is often the practice for the development of flexibility. To complete the workout with a short walk.

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