How to truly know a person: five everyday situations

Как по-настоящему узнать человека: пять повседневных ситуаций

Talking long with someone, it is not always possible to know what he really is. The reason may be that your communication has a specific format and you just don’t go beyond it. To truly know a person, you must share five everyday situations.
1. A stressful situation

How a person behaves and how to cope with a stressful situation, has much to say about it. In an unpleasant situation, the person may be aggressive, nervous, look for someone to blame or simply complain. But can it happen the opposite: quickly takes himself in hand and begins to solve the problem, also to make fun of the situation.

In addition, if the stressful situation is directly linked to you, it may show the true relationship of man to you.

2. Cohabitation

Man’s relation to you is very easy to do when you live together. And then it does not matter, you went on vacation together, moved in together, or just go to a hotel for a few days. So you see, people respect your personal space and share your thoughts on the things of leisure and paying bills.

3. The financial issue

Say that to lend money to friends impossible, because it may embroil you. But you don’t have the money to lend, there are other transactions that show a person’s attitude to you and the money. For example, payment of utility bills, establishing a budget, ways to pay in restaurants. In General, the attitude toward money can also a lot of new things to tell you about the person you like know.

4. Your success and happiness

The famous phrase that a friend is in trouble, not exactly true. After all, you need to be able not only to help and believe in people when something goes wrong, but rejoice when he achieves success and feels happy.

5. Talking about others

When you communicate with the person, it is not always possible to know whether he is speaking sincerely. And when you start to discuss other people – no matter acquaintances or not, many things become obvious. After all, if he’s nice, and everyone else throws mud, it is likely that behind your back he speaks to you in the same vein.

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