How to understand that a man in love and his serious intentions

Как понять, что мужчина влюблен и у него серьезные намерения

4 accurate sign of a man in love..

He seeks to solve your problems

If all the love of your partner is only the beautiful word – worth considering. Deep senses, the man of decisive action – he seeks to make life easier for you using our own resources (time, money, friends, knowledge). If the fan disappears as soon as you have difficulty with the fact that to appear when they are resolved – you should know that his emotions are superficial and selfish.

He calls

And that is absolute fact! Travel, meetings, busy schedule of meetings and talks, the visit to his parents at the cottage or terribly unwell with a runny nose – not obstacles for the serious lover of men: he will find a way to contact you. This is for 2 reasons: he doesn’t want to upset you and he needs to hear your voice.

He is willing to wait

A man who you only want sex, that’s easy to check if cancelling the courtesy, politeness and charm is melting like smoke. Instead, you will see aggression, undisguised irritation, and in some cases fake indifference or abusive criticism. Love the fan may be slightly upset or calm – in any case, it is with sincere will respect your wish not to rush things.

He wants to protect you

It doesn’t matter what (or whom): evil shop shop counter, a big dog or stubborn a computer program on which you are desperately fighting for a few hours – any of there is the tacit signal for help.

Loving man not afraid to join you in the fight even with their own friends and family – his priorities talk about feelings much better than words.

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