How to understand that you are using

The easiest way to understand that we just used — to treat potatoes.

Як зрозуміти, що вас використовують

Very painful when you realize – that you just used. And all those smiles, compliments, good attitude was just a mask, a way to get what you want. You just needed something; goods, money, free services, emotional services, connections, opportunities… anything but yourself. It’s bitter to realize then, when the desired received, and leave you alone with your problems. And don’t call or text or will not name. Used thing to throw away. Or hide in the pantry like a drill bit that is needed in the economy. Need get!

The young man invited the girl to the party. Not a very attractive girl, full of such glasses. This girl dreamed about it, he knew! She dressed nice, spent a lot of time on makeup and hair, worried, night. And everything was fine. Until she realized that the young man invited her to meet her father and get a good job. And the party girl was alone, and wept bitterly. Although nothing happened. It just wanted to use. And it is so sad to understand, informs Rus.Media.

Once you realize that you started to use – need to go wee man. And distance in the relationship. This is not a relationship, it’s you prologue another person, serve her like a drill. She just needs holes to neverlet, so she asked. So young Yesenin poet Gippius made samovar to inflate and to sing obscene ditties for the amusement of the guests. Although the table were planted, and tea from the samovar is poured… Like everything was normal. Though actually Yesenin served as free entertainment…

Or Edith Piaf in the restaurant came a group of friends. They always went to restaurants, praised the singer, sang her praises and attention. Only paid for the meal, always a singer; it just so happened. Nobody paid any attention, because it is not money, not food, right? The thing in friendship! And one day Edith Piaf ordered for everyone in the potatoes. Just potatoes. “I want – he says – just potatoes. And my friends bring the same!”. Friends were in the money, not the poor. And is perfectly able themselves to enjoy the treat. But they were so angry and stunned when they brought the potatoes, everything became clear. They just used the money of the singer. And pay for itself even thought…

To understand that we use is very simple. A person is constantly something from us is necessary. She may not even ask – we are give. The services we provide, give, a samovar set, and pay bills. Maybe sing ditties. Try once politely refuse. To say: “I now not can do that. There is no way!”. And look at the behavior of his friend. If he would be okay with the failure, apologize and ask, no need for you to help, – all right. If nuts and angry, that’s understandable. Unfortunately, everything is clear. We are the drill. Or another useful thing, which lies in a dark corner until a certain time.