How to understand that you didn’t choose your profession

Как понять, что вы выбрали не свою профессию 

What you probably didn’t even think, but people are working not only for money. Many people love what they do. They really like to reduce the balance, to make reports, to write texts to teach others. When people get pleasure from their activities, they stay in their place — where they succeed and grow in the career plan.To understand that you are not his business, is quite simple. You do not get satisfaction from what you do during working hours. Work for you is comparable to a prison where you are serving time from 9 to 18 or from 10 to 19 daily. On Sunday evening you have a consistently bad mood and a little stressed because tomorrow back to work. You do not develop, not grow. You just do with any success working time waiting, when it’s all over.From this situation, like any other, there are two exits. You can accept the situation and continue to work where you work now. And can change your life and do what you really close. Ask yourself a few questions: what you get for your work? It could be financial stability, career, position, health insurance. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into 2 parts: one write the advantages of its professional activities, the other with cons. This will allow you to analyze the situation and to understand whether to continue to do what you do. If it’s not worth: income is relatively small, and career achievements a bit, it may be time to think about changing employment to the one that you will like more.A few tips on how to simplify the search of suitable employment, which shall not only bring you income but also the pleasure of what you do:— Answer the question: “How do you see your life in the near future?”. Certainly, you have already some experience — base on which you can change your life for the better. The level of education, experience, Hobbies, Dating.— Talk to friends, perhaps in the companies where they work, have vacancies that you might be interested in. Feel free to take advantage of opportunities that gives you familiarity with other people.— Pay special attention to the “Hobbies”, because the greatest success is possible to achieve that you like. And if the question of choice of sphere of activity to proceed from what is soul, you can easily find your own path of development. It can be anything — from baking cakes and pies to weave with beads and creating jewelry.— It is not necessary to dwell on that, to work in the office. You can always find an alternative — for example, working on a freelance or tutoring. If you have the Arsenal of available skills the translation of texts, writing, photoshop, graphic design, etc., you can work remotely, after registering as a “self-employed citizen.”— Another option — opening a small business. Good idea, if you can produce something yourself, or have good organizational skills. If financial resources allow, you can even open a small beauty salon or nail salon is a sphere of activity, which will enjoy continued popularity: the care — a topic always relevant.— If you don’t feel something professional, it’s never too late to go on refresher courses. After completing the course, you will feel more confident, will receive the diploma about additional education, which can be useful in the future when applying for jobs or their own businesses.If, after weighing all the pros and cons, you realize that in no other area is such a success (earnings) cannot achieve, then you need to take unloved work as inevitable. At the same time to stop beating yourself up with recriminations, continue to go to work and find a hobby to you, which will help you to switch to find pleasure in life and understand what you can.

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