How to understand that you manipulate

Как понять, что вами манипулируют 

At one time or another during their lives people may wonder: I love or use? This is a very good reason to think, because doubts do not appear out of the blue. How can you distinguish love from an imaginary affection, leading to easy manipulation.What is love”Love is based on three aspects: instinct, affection, and projection. Any feelings are conditional. If you take a variety of specific cases, you will immediately see the form of love. Attachment is formed during the long years of life, creating certain conditions for a love relationship. Projection — it is our childhood memories and a perfect view of anyone. Everybody expresses themselves individually in the relationship. Therefore, to distinguish between love and manipulation is very difficult,” says Veronica Stepanova, honey.psychologist.Indicators Lyublino psychologists assure that many of the actions of men such as generosity, courage, and charity, are not a measure of love. Man by nature can be just an open person and experience the pleasure of giving gifts to women. Caring is not always an indicator of high feelings. Care may be due to feelings of guilt or loneliness. In a 2009 study by scientists at the University of London showed that rapid heartbeat, dilated pupils, irregular pulse and the conventional signs of love. A person’s mood changes depending on the environment and various external factors, which proves the inconsistency of human feelings. Today you’re incredibly in love, and tomorrow — keep calm lover’s hand and not feel any excitement.How to understand that you ispolzuyteskryty exchange — the main symptom of consumer relations. You give much more than receive in return. The most common case — the creation of conditions for life male or female. Sale, home cosiness, home-cooked food, performing any desires of the second half can lead to a unilateral relationship. People use all the conditions created for him, and doesn’t need no manifestations of the senses.With this deuteride just think about why and what you give other people the opportunity to use you. If you allow others to do with you, so that attitude you are comfortable. You are trying to “bribe” people that are close to you.”This behavior is a sign of low self-esteem. In order to analyze a specific case, you need to look at the behavior of the person. Is he the victim of a selfish partner or he himself brings to partner relationships”, says a practicing psychologist, Michael widths.

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