How to understand that you’re not marriage material — even from the point of view of psychology

Как понять, что ты не создана для брака — даже с точки зрения психологии

You very glad the wedding your friends and even love your boyfriend, but every time when it comes to your wedding and create a family — it scares you. If you think you have something wrong, I hasten to assure you otherwise.

Maybe you’re just one of those who are not cut out for marriage even from the point of view of psychology — here compare:

1. You are a very freedom-loving.

Of course there are many freedom-loving and among those who found his true love and started a family, but you are not tempted by the prospect. Relationships, and especially marriage and family require compromises, more responsibility, restrictions on your personal life, anyway, and you know you’re not ready for it.

2. Your relationship status is always a bit limiting your happiness.

Are you happy to have a relationship without status on FB? You’re not in a hurry with the “serious conversation” because you like your playful relationship with a guy? Maybe you don’t need marriage and family. Happiness is something that has to come from within. And if you look for outside source of happiness, like marriage, is a road to nowhere. And even many couples have to learn from you.

3. For your priority work.

If you feel that you have a lot of work on myself, my self-esteem, independence, solving any problems and complexes — it is important to do this before to start a family. Because then you have exactly no time for myself.

4. You prefer to live in an unconventional way.

Not every traditional idea of happiness: a house, a husband/wife, bunch of kids. And this is perfectly normal. A standard set is not a guarantee of happiness and not the only way of life. If you are quite happy, stop worrying about what others think.

5. Are you afraid of the idea of marriage.

Even if the conversation about marriage and family plans give you butterflies in the stomach — this is actually a bad feeling and sign that marriage is not for you. Our bodies tend to defend myself from danger, and if your body says “no”, is to listen to it.

6. You just have other priorities.

There is no shame to spend all of their time and energy on career, social life or other Hobbies, if it brings you joy and pleasure. Your life should be meaningful to you, no matter how it is consistent with the norms of other people.

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