How to wash vertical blinds fabric at home

Blinds can be considered one of the varieties of blinds that are used since ancient times.

Як прати жалюзі вертикальні тканинні в домашніх умовах

Modern blinds with vertical slats pleased with its practicality and ergonomics. However, all the positive aspects of the fixtures fade into the background when the question arises, how to wash blinds and reduce their functionality and attractiveness, informs Rus.Media.

Window area constantly skips through a lot of dust, so washing these devices is often. Confined to dry cleaning and processing of lamellas directly on the ledge will not work. At least 1-2 times per year vertical blinds must run in the washing machine or cleaned by hand.

How to properly clean the slats of thick fabric?

No matter what material is made of vertical fabric slats, before intensive cleaning, they need to be removed. All the small parts are collected in a separate box and, if necessary, also cleaned manually.

Як прати жалюзі вертикальні тканинні в домашніх умовах

Solid matter does not respond well to treatment in the washing machine, so it’s best to do everything hands:

  1. In the tub pour warm water, add a little washing powder or detergent. If the blinds are colored, then it must be a structure with the properties of color retention. White fabric items are allowed to be cleaned with bleach. In a basin to soak the strip is not recommended, it is better to use the bath, then it will be possible to avoid the formation of creases.
  2. After the products are well soaked, proceed to a direct effect on the spots. You can wash your hands or scrub with a brush using detergent (but not soap).
  3. If the stain is very persistent, it is recommended to use a stain remover.
  4. Next, drain the water, replacing it with clean and propulsive slats. Then each item need to hold under running water to accurately washed in the detergent.
  5. After cleaning all of the manipulation necessary to place the vertical part on the ledge, after Assembly of the fixture according to the diagram. Under the window vystelim a few rags or towels on which to drain the water. Wring or dry the slats, throwing them over the rope is prohibited. They formed creases that are difficult to resolve.

Tip: If it is obvious that the dirt ingrained tightly and wash the individual elements is useless, bad sectors can simply be replaced. You just pick the insertable lamellae of the same color. If necessary, they can be a little bit faded, so that they perfectly match the color of the other parts.

The specifics of the process machine washing tissue elements

Before you wash the blinds in the machine, is familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations on this issue. Often such an approach is prohibited and in case of damage subject to a warranty it is not covered. In spite of such attitude of professionals toward aggressive approach, if you act wisely, you can get the desired result with minimal energy costs.

Як прати жалюзі вертикальні тканинні в домашніх умовах

Tip: If the vertical blinds are made of some very soft, fuzzy, or just expensive fabric, then it is better to take the product to the dry cleaner and not risk, by resorting to experiments at home.

In practice, machine washable fabric slats as follows:

  1. Expose the delicate drying mode, and pressed at a temperature not higher than 35C. Detergents choose the most mild, with no harsh ingredients.
  2. Vertical stripes collect 5-10 pieces (the denser the tissue, the less details), turn in a neat roll and put into bags for washing. They can replace old unwanted pillow cases.
  3. Laying the elements in the camera. It should not be Packed to capacity, it is better to divide the process into several approaches.
  4. Erasable fabric blinds once. Even if the surface have spots or stains that the washing machine you no longer use. If necessary carry out additional manual handling of the individual elements. If too frequent washing of fixtures in this way, it will lead to the softening of matter and the blinds will lose its original attractive appearance.

Як прати жалюзі вертикальні тканинні в домашніх умовах

The dried vertical strips of soft cloth on the ledge. If the treatment process had visible creases or furrows, be exposed on them iron. However, this is done through a tissue layer, click on the iron and stretch the element is strictly prohibited.

Features of the effect of lamellae on jacquard and cotton

Similar items to cycle in the washing machine is not recommended, even traditional hand washing may be too aggressive. Despite the fact that cotton, though not true for delicate fabrics, after treatment in the machine, can greatly get in and out of the slats will not happen.

  • To wash so capricious materials, each item will have to fold separately. Put them in a linen bag or container for washing and soak in a warm solution made of mild washing powder or liquid concentrate.
  • After half an hour of stay in a detergent, the bags are drawn, the elements are rinsed and inspected. If necessary, the approach is repeated. Rubbing jacquard and cotton is strictly prohibited. They very quickly washed off with a special impregnation which repels dust, and they become like shapeless tapes.
  • Service these materials are not amenable. They immediately posted onto the ledge in the lower part necessarily clinging the sinker, otherwise the fabric will sit. Affect blinds with a hair dryer or other artificial heat sources is not necessary, and they will dry quickly.

Як прати жалюзі вертикальні тканинні в домашніх умовах

If you regularly wash vertical blinds really do not want, you should think about purchasing a steam cleaner. It is a versatile tool that even in the home will help to contain functional elements are clean and will not affect their status.