How to wean your cat from dry food and to accustom to the food

Weaning cats from dry food – a difficult but doable task. Choose the appropriate method and follow the instructions, and then do it!

Як відучити кішку від сухого корму і привчити до домашньої їжі

Here again, the subject was raised, it would seem, broken and down. What to feed cats: artificial food or natural products?

What is an artificial food

About artificial food for cats is also written and said to date enough. But mostly it’s arguments about what food is better: premium or economy class? Which is cheaper and seals better to eat? About whether you want to do cat stuff with artificial feeds, the question comes up rarely, informs Rus.Media.

Mostly canned goods and “drying” for a cat buy because we are lazy. Yes, let’s call a spade a spade. First and foremost, we care about ourselves. In the case of buying artificial feed we are not hammering your head “what to give a cat for dinner.” I bought canned food, opened, poured into a bowl. The minimum cost of mental processes and time.

The feed is also contributed a lot in its popularity has distorted our notions of the diet of cats. Thanks to advertising, we know that cats just “need” grains and other silage. But the cat is a carnivorous predator that a vegetarian can not be.

In order to understand what needs to be prepared ready to feed, you can remember what is in menu of cats in the village (as close as possible to natural conditions). Mostly small rodents, rarely birds, and rarely fish, insects (butterflies, grasshoppers). All this is divided into:

  • meat – animal proteins;
  • skin and bones – calcium and phosphorus.

All that is contained in the victim’s stomach is a vegetable fiber and grain. Separately cats eat grass occasionally for reasons of maintaining their health.

Dairy products cats themselves do not eat. Only kittens in your cat’s childhood, and if you give people. Raw milk in the stomach adult cat almost immediately collapses and is not absorbed.

What follows from all the above? That ideally, food should contain all these ingredients in natural proportions. Namely:

  • meat – 45 %;
  • animal protein (egg or milk) – 20 %;
  • viscera, bones, offal – 10 %;
  • herbal ingredients (vegetables, grains) – 20 %;
  • the other natural mineral supplements and vitamins – another 5 %.

But the perfect feed, alas, does not happen. In production it would be too expensive and unprofitable.

So what do we (or rather the cats) offer more cheap to produce food? That would not be unfounded, just read what is written in small letters on the can or package of food:

  • chemical preservatives, sweeteners and antioxidants (without them anywhere);
  • by-products (basically good, but who can guarantee that there is not blood or feather meal, tails, cores and other waste from slaughterhouses);
  • dyes, flavor enhancers;
  • the fillers (cellulose, soy, starch).


If the presence of chemical components syak more so reflected on the labels, but with byproducts and fillers a bit more complicated. In many countries, legislation does not say that the manufacturer is obliged to specify a full list of what is included in the offal. And what might be hiding under this wording, no one knows.

All the food budget line with the offal “of the vegetable and animal” a cat with a big appetite to eat due to the presence of generously sprinkled with flavoring. Needless to say about their use. Rather, quite the contrary.

Cats are addicted to artificial foods and then not only did not eat anything but “dry”, and often have health problems:

  • the disturbed metabolism, and cats get fat on the eyes;
  • the tumor for no reason develop;
  • if not, the cat dies suddenly from liver or kidney failure because of the long and immoderate use of food.

So how to wean cat from artificial feeds and translate into natural food

Як відучити кішку від сухого корму і привчити до домашньої їжі

So many cat lovers or first try feed the cats not to, or are wondering how to transfer a cat on a natural food.

We offer you several ways:

  • You can gradually add to dry feed moist, increasing the volume of the latter. If the pet will approve of this experiment, you will be able after some time to completely replace usual food. Further actions depend on the objectives: whether it is possible to continue to feed the industrial wet cat food, or start the same smooth introduction of natural food.
  • If your pet enjoys some natural products, use this: to mix in dry food the predominant food and gradually increase its proportion. If your favorite treats, try to find them at pet different options. Finding, start to give them.
  • Add in a little dry food natural. But be prepared for the fact that the last after meals remains in the bowl, if the cat is picky, tricky and choosy in matters of food. If he eats everything, then change the proportions of food in favor of natural, gradually removing the dry component.
  • Put two bowls: one to put food in the other natural food. The volume of feed decrease, and the number of other foods gradually increase. First, the cat will understand that the second container is a food, because it is close to the usual power source. Secondly, if the pet will not get enough reduced portions of the feed, he may at some point start eating from the other bowl.
  • Divide feed and natural food by different methods. For example, if your cat eats three times a day, then the first two times, offer her food, and the third – natural food. First, she can refuse, but probably later be interested. Further reduce the consumption of feed to one dose, and then the hunger will probably cause the girl to touch other foods. If the pet gave in and started eating natural food, remove the food completely.

Now please be patient! On average, weaning takes two to three weeks, but the process can be very lengthy.