How to withdraw mucus from the body and become healthier in 10 years?

Excessive mucus production in the body is the cause of many diseases and inflammatory processes. When we eat cooked, processed foods, mucus is produced. Over the years, it accumulates, and if the body is unable to cope with the timely cleansing, the mucus begins to fill all cavities of our body.

Як вивести слиз з організму і стати здоровішими на 10 років?

Primarily affects lungs, bronchi, stomach. When it’s going to a lot, the slime rises up and out through the nose. Frequent colds and infectious diseases, chronic fatigue, drowsiness, apathy may indicate a General slagging of the organism, a large number of toxins and other harmful substances with which the body is unable to handle himself. THE ACCUMULATION OF MUCUS IN THE BODY When the body is trying to get that secret, starts a cough, fever, runny nose, bags under the eyes. If you experience these symptoms, we immediately begin to react to them according to the usual scenario: the cold drip drops in the nose, the temperature is bring down the aspirin, but if we attack more and cough, taken antibiotics. That is, by their own hands, we interfere with a healthy body get rid of mucus. As a result, we switch to the detoxification process from drugs, while the secret layer becomes even thicker. Up to a point, the mucus remains clear; but if it grew too much, it becomes more dense and can have yellow, brown and even greenish tint. It coats the intestinal wall and becomes a “mediator” between the food we food and blood vessels. In this state, our body becomes a haven for all sorts of microorganisms that eat cooked food. If we change your diet and begin to give preference to raw foods, all of these “scavengers” were immediately killed and starts the detoxification of the body. Headache, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, which are the result of purification. Disease excess mucus Doctors hygienists, naturopaths, nutritionists agree on the opinion that most disease comes from the accumulation in the body decay products and toxins. So-called colds — bronchitis (including asthma), acute respiratory infections, catarrh, colds, cough, laryngitis, pleurisy, emphysema, as well as, hay fever, allergies associated with attempts to rid the body of toxins and mucus in the respiratory tract.

The American naturopath Dr. Norman Walker describes all the above in the following way:

Adenoids is an inflammation or increase the almond glands resulting in delays and accumulation in the body of various toxins.

Sore throat — inflammation throat, caused by the presence in the body of a large number of decay products and waste food.

Asthma is the accumulation of mucus in the bronchi leads to labored breathing.

Effective treatment is necessary to refuse from food and drinks that form mucus (pasteurized milk and milk products, white bread, almost all concentrated and rich in carbohydrates food.) It is useless to hide from allergens, taking Allergy medications and tests. The disease is caused solely by accumulation of mucus, from where you need to get proper nutrition.

Bronchitis develops due to the buildup of mucus. Pneumonia occurs due to excessive accumulation of mucus and other wastes. The flu is caused by excessive accumulation in the body waste food and metabolic products, which is a favorable breeding ground for reproduction act on the respiratory system of pathogenic bacteria. Qatar — abundant discharge of mucus from the mucous membrane. Similar phenomena developing due to the fact that the body refuses to digest dairy products and concentrated starches. Cough is most often associated with the attempts of the body to get rid of mucus in the respiratory tract. Laryngitis — inflammation of the windpipe, caused by the presence of toxins in the body. Cold — same as Qatar, only in a weaker form. The best treatment is detoxification. However, it is better to prevent colds by cleansing the body of mucus and other toxins, then you should go for food that consists of raw fruits, vegetables and fresh juices, which is not conducive to the formation of mucus. Medications, immunizations and injections, usually do not bring the desired results. Rhinitis — inflammation of the lining of the nose, caused by a large amount of mucus in the cavities sinusoida.


The most effective method that will display the secret is to use fresh ginger. For this you need to clear a small piece of ginger root, cut it into thin rings, so I had about a teaspoon and pour boiling water. After the drink brewed and has cooled slightly, add 1 teaspoon of honey and squeeze a little lemon juice. Drink need warm during the day, preferably half an hour before meals. To display this plaque accumulation in the stomach and intestines, you can perform the cleansing procedure. You will need a teaspoon of black pepper, it must, without chewing, swallow and drink a glass of clean water. For a better cleansing of the body this procedure should be performed in the evening to 18 hours, and only between meals. The total course of treatment is seven days, with a frequency of performing over two days. No less effective means will be cleared of unnecessary mucus is lemon and horseradish. You need to squeeze the juice out of five lemons and add to it 150 grams of pre-ground horseradish, then mix well. The resulting mixture should be to take a teaspoon on an empty stomach and before sleep. The main advantage of this drug mixtures is that it is without damaging the shell, contributes to the complete dissolution of the secret, and thus does not irritate neither the digestive tract nor the gallbladder. Among the herbs that allow you to cleanse the body of mucus include: chamomile flowers; pine and pine buds; the leaves of eucalyptus, black currant and mint; hop cones. They make tinctures and teas. You can try this collection of: tablespoon of lime blossom and two teaspoon of licorice root to brew boiling water, leave for half an hour to infuse, strain and drink hot at 150 ml before Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The full course of treatment — 30 days.


For getting rid of many diseases enough to clean the intestines of mucus, fecal stones, parasites. In 70 years of life through the intestines passes 100 tons of food and 40 thousand liters of fluid. Summary: in the intestine accumulates more than 15 kg of fecal stones, toxic waste, poisoning the blood and causing irreparable harm to our body. That the intestines are dirty testify frequent constipation, impaired metabolism, diabetes, allergies, excessive or insufficient weight, diseases of the filtering organs of the kidneys and liver, diseases of hearing and vision, skin, hair, nails, systemic diseases, ranging from arthritis to cancer. Using enemas is cleaned only a small portion of the colon (40-50 cm). Intestinal lavage using equipment is expensive, takes time and disrupts the intestinal flora. The application inside 1-2 dessert spoons of flour from the seeds of the flax allows for the spirit to three weeks to completely clear the thick and thin intestines from years of mucus, fecal stones, parasites. When this is fully preserved intestinal microflora. This technique promotes rapid normalization of weight and burning fat. Flour from flax seeds should be freshly ground and is able to bind and excrete toxic substances, toxins, to reduce cholesterol in the blood. She has a broad antiparasitic spectrum of action, has a devastating effect on many species of helminths, fungi, viruses. Len has a positive effect on the regulation of lipid metabolism. Indications: inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, colitis, ulcer disease stomach and duodenum, diseases of the urinary tract, pyelitis, cystitis, overweight, lipid disorders. Effectively for daily use as a prophylactic measure. Method of application: is used as a component for cooking dishes with antiparasitic properties at 1 teaspoon per serving. Colon cleanse: week 1: 1 teaspoon of flax meal coarse + 100 g fermented milk product (yogurt, sour cream, yogurt). Week 2: 2 dessert spoons of linseed meal coarse + 100 g fermented milk product (yogurt, sour cream, yogurt). This mixture was taken instead of Breakfast. The thick and the thin intestines are cleaned of slime and fecal stones, parasites, while fully preserved intestinal microflora. In the period of cleaning it is necessary to stay hydrated: drink water to 2 liters a day. There is another way — gives 15 kg of toxins from the intestines and blood vessels! Here is one of the most natural and effective means of alternative medicine, which consists of only 4 simple ingredients. Ingredients: buttermilk, buckwheat flour, ginger, honey. Yogurt is the elixir of youth and health, and buckwheat flour has excellent medicinal properties. As for ginger, I can say that it is a miracle of nature, especially when it comes to detoxification. It also regulates bowel activity and helps burn fat. This medicine strengthens the body, restores blood vessels, reduces fatigue, stimulates the blood circulation in the hands and feet, but also supports urinary function. Buckwheat flour lowers blood pressure, reduces symptoms of atherosclerosis and prevents constipation. Combined with yogurt and ginger lowers blood sugar, cleanses the intestines and blood vessels, regulates metabolism and the function of the pancreas. For mixing you’ll need: 1 tbsp buckwheat flour; 1/4 tsp ginger powder (you can use fresh ginger) 200 ml yogurt; 1 teaspoon of natural honey. Preparation: carefully mix in a bowl the buckwheat flour, ginger, honey and yogurt, leave the mixture in the refrigerator overnight, the next morning the mixture stir again, and your medicine is ready for use. The drug should be used instead of Breakfast! It is advisable not to eat other foods within 3 hours after eating. Continue to use the drug so within 14 days. If you have high sugar, you can use the mixture without the addition of honey.


Due to various environmental factors and diseases of the internal systems and organs in the throat slime. An increased amount of the viscous substance is produced in bronchial asthma. Goblet cells that produce mucus, thus protecting the human body and help remove allergens. The most common cause of accumulation of products of cell secretion are diseases of upper respiratory tract bacterial, fungal, allergic, post-infectious origin. Constant mucus in the throat may occur due to abnormal development of the region of the nasopharynx (anatomical features of the structure). Chronic constant occurrence of viscous material can occur in a period different of the diseases of the nose and its sinuses, as well as in case of curvature of the septum or the presence of polyps. MANIFESTATION OF DISEASE The thick mucus accumulates in the throat usually in the morning. The buildup of viscous material causes a cough, is not accompanied by changes in the structure of the lungs. Sometimes the digestive fluid the opposite way gets into your throat and aggressive action annoys him. Because of this, sometimes in the throat slime causes cough and muscle spasms, which expands and contracts the pharynx, appears the sensation of having a lump in my throat. If the contents of the stomach acidic, the buildup of viscous material will be accompanied by heartburn.


To reduce the secretion of, you need to change your diet. The number of menu products with a high content of vitamin E and C should be increased, and fatty and spicy — limited. Reduce mucous buildup is possible with the help of respiratory gymnastics. It is recommended to drink for one day at least one and a half liters of water. Eliminates mucus and rinse soda solution and inhalation using eucalyptus oil. It is important to limit contact with smoke from tobacco and household chemicals. If throat slime should not eat food before sleep, you should limit the consumption of beverages containing alcohol and caffeine, especially with gases and such as Coca-Cola.

HOW to get RID of mucus in the throat Sometimes, in order to remove the mucus from the throat, enough to spend a few procedures rinsing or lavage of the nasopharynx low-concentrated solution of sea salt, allowing to thin out the mucus to remove from the airway, and dry the mucous and clear the nose. In implementing this procedure, carefully removed the snot at the back of the throat. In addition to sea-salt for preparation of solution for rinsing you can use the following tools: furatsilin; potassium permanganate; baking soda; decoction of chamomile, sage or oak. In the case when there is a sore throat, you can lubricate it with peach butter, which moisturizes the mucosa, eliminating dryness and relieving irritation. It is important to know that the amount of the production of mucus is influenced by some foods, so you should reconsider your diet people who have faced this problem. To reduce the amount of mucus, you need to eat foods with a high content of vitamins E and C, to carry out the inhalation with eucalyptus oil. To cope with mucus will also help aloe. To prepare the medication you need to take the aloe leaf, peel, chop, mix with honey and eat two a day – morning and evening. The relief is already on day 2, conduct the treatment is necessary to eliminate mucus from the throat. An effective and safe remedy is propolis, it should be crushed to powder state, pour a glass of cold water, let it sit so the wax and other impurities rose to the surface of the water, and the propolis sat on the bottom. The resulting precipitate is to pour the alcohol in 30 g of propolis to take 100 grams of alcohol. Leave for weeks and lubricate a sore throat. Fresh calendula petals to rinse well and mix with honey 1: 1. There is a spoon after each meal until recovery. Timely treatment of this unpleasant process as the formation of mucus in the throat, eliminate uncomfortable, and even painful sensations with a warning, therefore the development of serious pathologies.

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