How to write a letter to Santa Claus: six useful tips

Как писать письмо Деду Морозу: шесть полезных советов

Before the New year 2020 is only a little over a month and it’s time to do important things. They also include the writing of letters to Santa Claus. Website Today.Lifestyle has compiled six useful tips that will help to draw up an important document for Santa Claus to make sure he didn’t forget anything.
1. Greeting

Politeness is appreciated everywhere and always, and this case is no exception. The words “dear Santa” or “dear Santa Claus” will definitely likable. You can’t just pick up and immediately start demanding gifts.

2. Politeness always and everywhere

Politeness is important, not only in reference to Santa Claus, but in the future the text of your letter. Not be amiss to ask, how are you doing Santa Claus, how he feels, if he’s not tired yet. Also, don’t forget to congratulate Santa clause with the upcoming holiday.

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3. Introduce yourself

Remember that Santa Claus one, and those to whom he brings gifts very much. Therefore it is useful to introduce themselves and to write a few lines about yourself. Then we can move on to the requests for gifts.

4. Do not be greedy

Every person has some desires that he wants to bring to life. But this does not mean that on the letter to Santa Claus it is necessary to sit days and write him all his 50 desires. It is better to focus on one thing, but the most important to you.

Как писать письмо Деду Морозу: шесть полезных советов

How to ask for gifts from Santa Morsetto:

5. Promises To Santa Claus

It is important to understand that nothing just happens and do not give gifts just because the holiday. It is important to learn to promise to do something in return. For example, do not nag for a year, to learn, to help my mom clean the house and such.

6. A beautiful ending

The list of gifts to finish this letter it is impossible. Be sure to thank Santa Claus for your attention and politely say goodbye.

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