How university catering has been able to evolve to adapt to the students

The Resto U The Gallia of Strasbourg. — Crius Strasbourg

  • Since the school year began, the Crous offer a vegetarian to students.
  • In recent years, the supply has been diversified to adapt to the students.
  • The restaurants U have become real places of life.

Cream of lentils or chili con soya. No it is not a question of the dishes on the menu of a restaurant bobo parisien, but a university restaurant. Incredible but true. Since this start of the year, the Crous (regional centres works academic and school) offer an offer vegetarian students.

Different dishes at resto U. – D. Bancaud/20minutes

A novelty that is quite symbolic of the changes that have occurred in the restos U in recent years. “We have very much diversified our offering, streamlined our purchasing and mounted on the range “, explains Dominique Francon, the assistant director of food and beverage and shopping at the Cnous (national Centre works academic and school).

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An offer of fast food

A small revolution that is already perceives visually. Because the decoration and the furniture of the dining rooms is much more chiadée that a few years ago. “And indeed, it was found that most of the premises were beautiful, the less there was of damage,” notes Dominique Francon. The students ‘ movement in the space has also been redesigned. And then the majority of the restos U now offer islet thematic. For example a buffet of starters, a kitchen island Italian, brocheterie or kitchen in the world. “This helps to diversify the flow and reduce the time of lunch for the students,” says Dominique Francon. And some of the restaurants U have been installed in unusual places, like The Barge, located on a barge in paris.

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The resto U The Barge in Paris. – Crous de Paris

To adapt to the pace of life of the students and their eating habits, the Crous are also fast food restaurants. To the side of the 450 classic restaurants that offer seating (and host 62 % of the customers of the university canteen), today there are 300 structures restoration fast and 80 foodtrucks. “This offer of snacks has grown significantly over the past 5 years. As we know that the midday break average student is 45 minutes, ” says Dominique Francon. Sandwiches, paninis, salads, pizza, fruits, compotes… “students can buy any of these products a la carte or opt for the formula to 3.25 euros,” adds Olivier Houdeville, director of the resto U Mabillon in Paris.

Recipes updated

As for the recipes, they are continually revisited : “it is based on customer satisfaction surveys, on the advice of the commissions for restoration and the committee on Research and development to review our menus,” says Olivier Houdeville. “And every restaurant U determines a portion of the revenue, for example by offering local dishes. It adapts also to the university population. A restaurant U almost a fac of the letters will tend to have a range of salads, most important, by example, ” observes Dominique Francon. The university canteen is also open lots in recent years to other influences. “It offers both the bo bun as an enchilada,” says Dominique Francon. Each resto U buy also 20 % of these food products locally. Where the beats hurt on the other hand, it is on the supply of organic products to the students. “Because we have difficulty sourcing for issues of cost “, explains Dominique Francon.

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The resto U de Grenoble. – Crous/Vianney Tisseau

Finally, the restaurants U have become real places of life : “there is organizing events for raising the awareness of students waste the food, or the food balance,” explains Olivier Houdeville. What you’d like to stay a little longer.