How was the match “Mariupol” – “Dinamo” in the eyes of the President

Yesterday’s match in Mariupol has become the most anticipated this season.

Як пройшов матч "Маріуполь" - "Динамо" на очах президента

In the first part of the season the failure of the Dynamo to go on a visit to the Azov provoked a long legal battle that came to Lausanne and ended up with the “techie” for the “white-blue”. More testing of the fate of the people of Kiev did not. Another failure was threatened with removal from the championship. However, they arrived to the South of Donbass transit through Kiev in a highly “diluted” structure: home, for various reasons, remained Kadar, Khacheridi, Verbic, Moraes, Mbokani, Gonzales.

As a kind of example for the Metropolitan players was made by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko arrived at the game in the company of the boss of FFU Andrew Pavelko. “If in Mariupol not to hold football matches – who would believe that we are for peace, who would believe that we provide security? – said the head of state.

Naturally, in a city, and stadium security measures were the most elevated: reinforced patrols of police, dog handlers, the staff of explosive service and private security agencies.

And because of the careful checks at the entrance to the sectors most fans took their seats by the middle of the first half. Just in time to celebrate his debut goal for the match, which the hosts built not without the help of the goalkeeper of “Dynamo”. After filing Mishneva from the right flank smartly so poorly played out: jumping towards Motovilikha hidden behind hands, he seemed to take more work, what prevented the opponent to send the ball into the net – 1: 0. Involuntarily a pun: Boyko gaffe at stadium of a name Boyko.

Before the break, “Mariupol” completely dominated the field, playing smartly and boldly. Dynamo, by contrast, almost nothing worked, especially in midfield, where they just “disappeared” Garmash, rotan and buialskyi.

To improve our play in the second half Khatskevich released Shaparenko, by the way, the pupil “Mariupol”. And the young midfielder is played the role of the Joker to Kiev. After two minutes of staying on the field, he found Paz free Besedina, and he made his goal-scoring gift to the birthday that was celebrated yesterday. And in the middle of the first half Shaparenko personally upset his “Alma mater”, scoring his first goal for Dynamo: catch the rebound outside the penalty box, cool loaded on the fly into the far “nine”.

A wonder-goal! And when soon your “duty” (in the fifth match in a row CHU) goal was scored by Tsygankov, after the break, played with the captain’s armband, it seemed that everything in this game has already been decided. Anyway, from the stands flowed first “streams” the output. But Hotovitzky scored a brace, scoring after a corner, and revived the intrigue. The ending of the match was lively and nervous, but the final assault of the success of the owners to no avail.

3: 2 – not an easy win of the team, which allowed them a few hours to close the gap on Shakhtar to three points.

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