How will be punished for illegally felled tree: the published penalties

Как накажут за незаконно срубленную елку: опубликованы штрафы

In connection with the approaching Christmas and new year holidays the employees of the forests reminded that facing those who voluntarily decide to cut down a fir-tree or pine in the green zone. In addition to a large fine, Christmas tree poachers will have to pay for the damage caused to the natural Foundation.

For the cutting of young trees or pine trees (up to 41) infringers promise to fine at least 498 UAH. If you cut the Mature tree (with a trunk diameter of 10-14 cm), the penalty will increase to 878 UAH. If, however, for the new year holiday was destroyed by adult spruce or pine (trunk diameter 14-18 cm), then the offenders will seek 2254 UAH.

Additional penalties depend on the felling area. The destruction of the coniferous trees outside of the cities is fraught with the penalty of up to UAH 246 1221 (fines tied to a thick tree and natural area). If spruce or pine were cut in the city, you will have to pay an additional 1152-1852 hryvnia.

In the case that the illegal cutting was involved, the officials, the penalty increases to 2550-5100 UAH.

For causing significant harm to forests one fine can not get out. The law provides for a six-month arrest or up to three years of imprisonment. The second violation is fraught with a prison term of three to five years.

Felling trees and pine trees in protected areas in protected forests will result in a fine 25-34 thousand hryvnias or imprisonment for three to five years. If the same effects were recognized as a serious for forestry, the offender faces up to seven years of imprisonment.

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