How you can quickly change your hair from black hair?

Get rid of the black color gradually and properly to get the hair attractive and healthy.

Як можна швидко перефарбуватися з чорного кольору волосся?

If you are burning brunette, but I plan to change the image, not in a hurry. Repainting of such a dark color is a difficult and often lengthy process. And to change the way is quite possible, if use tried and tested methods, informs Rus.Media.

What color to dye my hair?

First you need to decide what color you want to get a result. A few options:

  • Color in chocolate – the most common and easily doable option. This color does not require a large and aggressive treatment, as well as pretty black to lighten 2-3 shades. A yellowish hue, which are so afraid, on the chocolate color is quite appropriate, therefore, do not need additional manipulations for its removal. In addition, the tone is almost everyone, regardless of your physical type.
  • Red. If black is your natural color, then become a redhead – a real dream, as in the natural pigments present reddish tones, and it’s only for arm. Color may vary from copper to bright red, and if you want to get interesting and rich tone, will have to try and see a specialist.
  • Graphite – original color, which should be careful. It resembles charcoal or pencil easy pencil can be quite light or close to black. But, first, when properly toned shade, there is a risk to add to your real age a few years and look old-fashioned. Second, to truly beautiful graphite is not easy.
  • Rus. As a rule, organic look light brown – natural color, and its peculiarity is the almost total absence of yellow pigments. But dark-haired girls go in that tone of voice is extremely difficult and sometimes simply unrealistic. Even if you manage to make your hair lighter, they still will be viewed rizhina. To remove the frame through the tinted glass, but its effect lasts not for long.
  • Blond – a radical change, but the most daring women decided on them, although stylists and hairdressers to do this is strongly recommended, and there are several reasons. The first is a very aggressive effect on the hair. They will have to cover 7-9 tones, and it can greatly damage the hair structure. The second reason: it is not always possible to achieve the desired tone, he often turns yellow. Platinum or ash – almost an impossible dream. The third reason: a girl who’s whole life was a brunette, the image of the blonde can feel uncomfortable.


So how can you change color from black to a lighter? It is worth noting that to get the desired result quickly fail, especially if a dark shade is not natural, obtained after coloring, that is pigmented black dyes.

Hair in any case will be covered, and how much – depends on the desired tone. Thus, to obtain chocolate brown or black highlights on 1-3 colors, for a ginger – 3-4 to blonde – on 5-6, and for blonde – 6-9. Below we consider the main ways of repainting.


Remover or decapture is a relatively gentle method of lighting, which allows through not very concentrated oxidizer to a small percentage of acid to open the scales of the hair rods, and partly to neutralize the pigments. Natural pigment substances are not removed completely: the structure becomes more tenuous and susceptible to staining, which helps to change the tone and the content.

Remover best when unnatural black color. It is desirable that the procedure conducted by experienced master, although there are kits and tools for home decapture. Remover usually includes several stages:

  1. Wash is the specialized shampoo to clean which removes dirt and opens the keratin scales.
  2. The drying of the hair. But it is still slightly damp.
  3. Connection of the reducing agent and catalyst in the right proportions (defined in the instructions).
  4. Application of part and kept for specified time.
  5. Shampooing with water.


Bring natural black color only discolored. There is a lot of money for bleaching, and professionals usually use powder: they quickly destroy the pigments and penetrate into the structure, accelerate the process to 20-30 minutes. But powders are not easy to use: only a specialist will be able to obtain uniform and attractive tone.

At home apply the cream paint. The action is more gentle to use the tools really at home at the expense of a convenient and uniform distribution. Professional creams lightens tresses up to 7-8 tones, but it is recommended to break the process into two stages and to lighten hair gentle compositions with a break of two weeks.

Folk remedies

Safely lightens dark hair folk remedy, but the color will not change more than 1-2 shades. But the curls will stay healthy and maybe get a interesting shade.


  • Yogurt. You can mix it with sea salt and apply on hair for half an hour twice a day until the desired shade.
  • Lemon juice. He kept on hair for one hour, is used for rinsing after shampooing. Procedures are performed daily.
  • Soda. In a glass of warm water dissolve 10 tablespoons of powder, apply the paste on the hair, wait an hour and wash your hair.

Staining and toning

Tinting or staining is the final stage, that is, first hair in any case have to bleach because the dye will not take it, or will be, not as we would like.

When the Foundation is ready, you should proceed to the choice of coloring tools. The least aggressive give shades tinting tools – shampoos or tonics. But their impact lasts long and disappears after 3-5 treatments shampooing.

Paint resistant, but it is advisable to choose gentle and caring, as your hair usually is not in the best condition after passed the training. And another important point – the right color. It is better to choose the product on 1-2 shades lighter as the pigments in bleached or hair that has undergone flushing, penetrate deeper, and the final shade is usually more intense and dark.

The main question – how much time must pass after preparation in the form of flushing or discoloration? The curls should be given time to recover, to scales stuck together, the structure is back to normal. The minimum period before painting five or seven days.

Get rid of the black color gradually and properly to get the hair attractive and healthy!