How you much you perceive love & relationships zodiac sign

Как вы сильно вы воспринимаете любовь и отношения по знаку зодиака

What human emotion has long been regarded as divine and Holy? Is that always, in all times and all peoples was praised in songs and poems? Each of us has experienced at least once in your life? Correctly, love! All have different understanding and different approach to it. First of all, it depends on the sign of Zodiac you are born.


Capricorn, considering his mind is the master over emotions and instincts, often comes across thus in his own trap. He opposes the feeling of love out of fear of pain and loss. But love pierces his heart, and then the Capricorn poses a different problem, no less difficult never to show their emotions. He unleashes on a mask of icy indifference, under which no one will notice a strong painful passions that are suppressed to avoid enslavement by the senses.

If Capricorn fails to find an adequate compromise between the emotional and rational spheres, it threatens to turn into nervous breakdowns of various shapes and even depression. Some representatives of this difficult mark, trying to fill something in your soul, go to extremes. Others agree with this and live alone or are trying to convince themselves that loneliness is the highest good and what is better than yourself, no one will. But, fortunately, not all and not always so hopeless…

Capricorn can live half a lifetime without love, and then suddenly to open and soul surrender to love, the fact that all the while rejecting and struggling against something.

Basically the Capricorn men are conservative — you want to find a life partner on whom you can rely, with whom to create a strong family on whole life and I hate flighty people.


In the life of Leo love plays a secondary role. He’s romantic, sentimental, craves adoration and worship. Likes flowers, gifts, love messages. And although Leo follows the public opinion for the sake of love is able to do everything.

Leo considers himself royalty, and so the demands he respectively. Girls-Lioness trying to marry those who are “firmly on its feet” and has the extra money. From an early age, Leos are ambitious, they have a soul, they love to throw away money. Guy-Leo wants to find the girl he believes he is born, his “other half”. In case of success, the love for Leo is a holiday, returns. His lover drown in adoration.

The main thing for Leo not to sacrifice love and try to overcome vanity, when the choice is made.


The main feature of Scales is the ability to get along with people, like in society. Scales usually do not fall in love at first sight, but at the same time they are gentle and sentimental. Libra can’t be alone, they need companionship. More than other zodiac signs, Libra need a Union with a partner to feel perfect.

Libra can adapt to the beloved person, not reaching, however, to extremes. It’s not a sign of the conquerors, the Scales prefer to choose them. Otherwise, they say to themselves “no luck” and go look for happiness elsewhere.


Aquarius sensitive. The representative of this sign is inclined to idealize the object of his love, to give him a mysterious and even mystical aura surrounding that, presumably, is rarely true. Because of the desire to see everything better than it really is, he regularly disappointed, and it makes the Aquarius to give up love for friendship. But to friends he has much less requirements.

Love of Aquarius is light and pleasant, something similar to the feelings of Twins and did not look like fierce passion of a Scorpio. Passion can obwat and Aquarius, but it won’t destroy his heart. The desire for independence will increasingly alienate him from the love object, especially if he suddenly starts to be demanding. For a person of this Zodiac sign unbearable relationship, when it is trying to put the let in the Golden, but still a cage.

Soul of freedom-loving Aquarius will require a breath of fresh air, and if that happens, he’s waving at you. Aquarians have the highest divorce rate. He will willingly give themselves to the company than one person, and can give more stranger than family members.


Virgo is dual and contradictory, and cold at the same time sensitive. Passion virgin perceives as a disease of the soul that the mind must heal. Virgo analyzes his feelings, lay on the shelves, trying to “recover” the love with the help of reason, doubt, attributing to the beloved all sorts of imperfections. Sometimes these savage attempts to lead a virgin to the desired goal — she wills herself to be disappointed, but is often tied to a person stronger than he thinks.

Virgo is reticent, it will not swear to love. Cases it proves more than words. This is a very demanding sign. Virgin wants such a relationship, where the emphasis on honesty, purity and affection, and if it does not get, he prefers the solitude.


It is incomprehensible and mysterious heart of the Fish, which accommodates the various intricacies of the subtle nuances of sensations, feelings and emotions. Under the influence of what inhabits their minds and hearts, Fish can behave very differently. The range is wide: from don Juan, who wants to give himself to all the members of the opposite sex, preferably immediately, to a silently suffering victim of tragic love. Girls range from romantic, rock, mystical to loyal, soft, belonging to one man completely and forever.

There are Fish who fall in love and love “at a distance”, when no one, much less the object of love, nor sleep nor spirit does not know about their true feelings. This is filled with emotions heart will always be a place for the sublime.

The Fish do not have enough determination so they prefer not to win, and only take then when they come and offer to take. They won’t fight with your opponent, but rather will step aside and wish your partner happiness with another person.

For many Fish love is a synonym for “help”. They should feel welcome and understood, then they will be loyal for a long time.


Aries is the incarnation of fire. Of his life given a lot of power, and he diligently implements it all. Including in love, to which Aries is ready at an early age.

Aries — the sign of the impressionable, impulsive, flashes like fire. Can be fascinated by something beautiful and fall in love at first sight. And this is a quality he carries through life, and capable of strong feeling at any age. The passion of Aries sweeps away everything in its path, but it may go out as fast as it appeared, if Aries will feel the monotony.

It is attracting new, interesting and unusual, often he enjoys the bright, glamorous look. Requests and the ambitions of its great, he hates it if someone rudely barges into his life and begins to limit freedom.

In relations with the opposite sex Aries tries to get what he wanted, and if he is disappointed or for some reason does not suit him, he runs away. On the other hand, it can be absolutely loyal to him who will really win his heart.


Taurus I can not imagine myself without love for him, love is as natural as eating or breathing. This is understandable: Taurus ruled by Venus, the planet of love. The number of fans (fans), Taurus prefers quality and is looking for a man with whom it would be possible to live in harmony life.

It is a very passionate character who, unlike RAM, is not impulsive. Here feelings break out immediately, they grow gradually. Loving, he would do anything for the object of his adoration. Taurus can not stop any criticism or discomfort, he will try to smooth out the rough edges in a relationship.

Taurus is very sensitive, sentimental and romantic. He swears his loyalty to the grave and demand the same from you. It is the owner, he wants to possess the man she loved to the end, but instead give it my all. Everything else, the Taurus is quite jealous, but if he finds happiness, it is very gentle to the end a loyal man. His love lasts a long time and not able to go out.


If the Twins swear to you in love, don’t take their word for it. Perhaps in a moment of recognition, they genuinely believe that telling the truth, but the next day can easily be attracted to another man. The twins are not liars, but they are very changeable. Love the Twin is simple and nice, just do not give the feeling of passion, so strong emotions scare this easy sign.

To be sure constancy Twin, you always have to be around him, to recall his presence. This is a very unpredictable sign, which is not able itself to predict their emotions.

What most hate are Twins and are trying to avoid is scandals and clarify the relationship. If this is their burden, they will quickly forget your phone number.

In order to impress this sign, you must be alive, interesting interlocutor, because the Twin brains, not Brawn. The representative of this sign to everything in life is easy, love is no exception, often it is for Twins only a game. But boring next to the Twins, definitely not!


Scorpio is among the strongest signs of the zodiac, has a dangerous, irrepressible energy, hence his craving for the thrill of extremes and excesses, including love. Scorpio is very passionate, his love is strong and sweeps away everything in its path. Scorpio does not allow defeats to the target should be to finish.

The main negative feature of Scorpions is their jealousy. It occurs even where there is no reason to suspect a loved one of infidelity. Owner-Scorpio wants to be your only lover (lover) in all respects.

Scorpio is not inclined to show the people their feelings.


Sagittarius — the sign of the bachelor, at least other characters are predisposed to marriage and love. Men — real don-Juans, girl — frivolous person. Love for them is sport, adventure and conquest. This approach to love can take a very long time, while Sagittarius do not fall in love. But even in this case he does not deem invalid the connection with another person, not calling it treason, “easy, meaningless fad.”

This is a very independent and freedom-loving sign. When Sagittarius loves, does not believe that he signs a contract. So Sagittarius prefers to remain with the partner who does not have a clearly proprietary pretensions. Also Sagittarius inhibit the scandals, he can’t stand to sort things out.


Cancer can not imagine their existence without love, as it is the most sensitive and emotionally vulnerable sign of the zodiac. Cancer is always a romantic, a dreamer, who is looking for perfect love. Loving, he is gentle and loyal. On the other hand, he may become a tyrant and the owner if disappointed. In this case, Cancer runs against a hostile world, hiding in his shell for a long time and there is not shown.

Cancer is the most value home and family. Accordingly, it may feel very happy or very unhappy, depending on how is implemented in this area. Cancer tends to subordinate themselves entirely to his partner. If the Cancer is in love, he’s perfect. Conversely, if he feels the coldness and indifference, becomes very difficult. Even a feeling of indifference, Cancer will cling to remnants of the old love. Most likely he “dug in” and will wait, but will not leave a loved one. In this case, Cancer will live a most terrible life, sacrificing everything for love.

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