Huawei are full of public money

Huawei abreuvée d’argent public

Ottawa has poured more than $ 8.4 million to researchers linked to the firm, Huawei, accused of wanting to use its network in the future 5G to get information to the chinese government.

“It puts the arm in the wringer. After that, it will feel obliged to work with them. This is not great. We don’t know if it’s going to be safe, ” said Eric Parent, a specialist in computer security and president of EVA-based Technologies.” If the intellectual property remains here, it will be, but if she goes to the headquarters of Huawei in China, it is inadmissible “, said the CEO of StreamScan, Karim Ganame.

Research projects

From 2010 to 2019, the research Council natural sciences and engineering of Canada (NSERC) has awarded more than $ 8.4 million to researchers from quebec who have Huawei as a partner.

Research chairs, software, network 5G, fiber optic… the federal agency has funded millions McGill University ($3.6 million), Laval University ($2.3 million), Polytechnique Montreal ($1.9 million) for projects related to Huawei.

“We are aware that this can raise questions,” replied the spokesman of the McGill University, Cynthia Lee, when asked if she believed that there were security risks.

At Polytechnique Montréal, Annie Touchette, communications, has said that the institution takes into account ” the position of the security agencies and the government of canada in relation to [its] partnerships “.

“All of the research projects, including those in partnership with the University of Laval, are regulated by strict standards,” said publicist Simon The Terror.

And the GAFA

For his part, the director general of the Institute for trust in organizations (ICO), Donald Riendeau, declined to throw the stone to Huawei.

“Our government agencies do not hesitate to subsidize Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook, etc, who have all been convicted several times for various offences, including that of collusion. So, why treat them differently Huawei ? ” he asked.

Contacted by The Newspaper, the chief representative in Quebec of Huawei, Sabrina Chartrand, said the company complies with the laws.

“We worked seamlessly with the government for over 12 years and we are required to follow the canadian law and have always done without any question “, she concluded.

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