Huawei has responded to U.S. restrictions

Huawei отреагировал на ограничения США

The largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment from China’s Huawei has responded to the constraints of the U.S. against the company. They said that such unjustified measures will not help Washington to find security and strength. America just have to use more expensive and less quality equipment, which will affect the interests of American companies and consumers, reports RIA “Novosti”.

However, the Chinese manufacturer has expressed willingness to maintain contact with the government of America with the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of their products.

Recall, the Ministry of Commerce said that he was going to make a Huawei in the black list along with 70 of her units for “activities contrary to U.S. national security”.

In addition, the head of America declared a “national emergency” in connection with the threats of information technology. The Minister of trade instructed to prohibit transactions that create unacceptable risk to US national security or the safety of the residents of the state.