Huawei has unveiled the official name is Android P

Huawei розсекретила офіційну назву Android P

Huawei accidentally declassified the name of the Android P

In August, it is expected a full release of the new version of Android, but Google has still not announced her name.

According to tradition, it must be a cake that starts with the letter “P”. Quite unexpectedly, this information was revealed, Huawei.

Technical support of the Polish division Huawei in correspondence with the user that wanted to know about the further support of his P9 Lite, have released the name next version Android – Pistachio (“pistachio”).

Huawei розсекретила офіційну назву Android P

Android Pistachio could be the next version of the OS / phonearena

Note that in February of this year, Bloomberg said that Android 9.0 will be called Pistachio Ice Cream. Maybe Google rejected the “ice cream” from the title, not to be repeated with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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