Huawei plans to build its own plant in Europe

Компания Huawei планирует построить собственный завод в Европе

Huawei conducts research to choose the European country where it will build a new plant

Компания Huawei планирует построить собственный завод в Европе

Chinese technology giant Huawei plans to build its own plant for manufacturing components in Europe, said the Chairman of Liang Hua. This year, the US government brought the company to its blacklist, calling it a threat to national security.

“In the future we plan to manufacture our own components at the production site in Europe. We conduct a feasibility study to open a new plant. The choice of country will depend on that study,” – said Liang edition of AFP. The Chairman of Huawei said that it will happen soon enough. He also added that in the field of 5G technologies, the company “does not depend on the supply of chips and other components from American companies.”
68 Huawei and its subsidiaries were included in the black list of the USA in may after the administration, trump said that the tech giant is a tool for Chinese intelligence. And Beijing officials, and Huawei denied the accusation. Ban of Washington means that the company needs to obtain a permit to purchase any American components necessary for the production of its products. Since then, Huawei was able to start producing devices without American parts, replacing them with components supplied in other places.

The US Department of Commerce lifted some restrictions until August, which allowed Huawei to maintain and update existing networks and phones. Since then, the Chinese firm received two deferments from the US government.