Hugh Laurie will star in the new series

Хью Лори снимется в новом сериале

Hugh Laurie has not joined the cast of “the Crown”, for some unknown reasons by refusing the role of king Philip, but will join George Clooney in the new series based on the novel by American writer Joseph Heller, “catch-22”. Hugh and George are old friends: a few years ago, they managed to work on the film “Tomorrowland”.

This is not the first adaptation of the novel Heller – back in the 1970 Mike Nichols presented to the public his version of “Tricks” which received mixed reviews from critics. New series launches Hulu, and Clooney not only play a major role in it, but will act as producer and Director.

The plot of the book catch-22 tells the story of the pilot of the Second World, which all the forces protesting against the increase in the number of sorties, which insists the army of his own country. He depicts a sick, crazy, in accordance with “Amendment-22”, anyone who claims to be a madman with a purpose to get free from military duty, proves thereby that he is a sensible person. About this paradox and tells Roman Heller.

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