Human beings 2.0

Les êtres humains 2.0

With this novel punch, we can say that the british novelist Ian McEwan hits really hard. See why.

What is great, with the novels, is that everything, but then absolutely anything is possible. For example, imagine a world in which the famous mathematician Alan Turing would never have ended his days in June, 1954. And even go as far to say that he now lives openly with her lover, or that thanks to the institute of artificial intelligence and computational biology, which he founded, the world has long since taken the habit of speaking to machines.

In 1982, while Margaret Thatcher is trying by all means to resist the invasion of the Falklands by Argentina, the first models of androids viable manufactured in series shall be well launched on the market. Because of this, any British will be able to get one for the modest sum of 86 000 £.

More than a robot

Charlie, a Londoner of 32 years, having inherited a good amount of money at the death of his mother, is part of those who are deliver at home a Adam brand new. The toy ultimate, because once its batteries fully charged, Adam may as well do the dishes than have sex, cook, talk about everything and nothing, think, or compose poems. Yes, a hell of a machine ! To configure many of the settings, Charlie will also appeal to Miranda, the beautiful neighbor whom he is in love. Funny idea, because Adam could also be a hell of a rival…

There would still be a lot to say on this uchronie, which raises a number of questions of ethics or philosophy. Then, both the read and let yourself be surprised by the incredible imagination of Ian McEwan !

4 gift ideas for valentine’s day


Éditions Hugo”>

Éditions Hugo

In this case, there is : a book lavishly illustrated, which explains the techniques of massage with hot stones, eight stones, volcanic, eight incense cones scented powder natural green tea and a CD featuring seventy minutes of relaxing music. In short, everything you need to spend a very nice evening for two !


Editions Albin Michel
208 pages”>

Eva Cantarella
Editions Albin Michel
208 pages

With this book, you will soon discover that the verb “to love” was formerly very often been used. Even by the gods of Antiquity ! Over the pages, one can discover the romances of Poseidon, Zeus (who is considered the first serial rapist !) or of Dionysus. As for the mere mortals, they have not been ruled out. Far from it. You can also follow the stories of Caesar and Cleopatra or of Livia and Octavian Augustus.


Editions Larousse
368 pages”>

Pierre Hermé
Editions Larousse
368 pages

As the chocolate is part of the great classics of the Saint-Valentin, difficult to ignore this book which is addressed to all lovers of cocoa. With 350 recipes and numerous tips of the famous pastry chef-chocolatier Pierre Hermé, one can feast on our tender, one-half cake chocolate and ginger confit, black forest, chocolate mousse or tarts warm chocolate-raspberry. Menoum !


Editions Webedia Books
226 pages”>

Editions Webedia Books
226 pages

Sleepless in Seattle, The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain, Sabrina, Four weddings and a funeral, Bridget Jones diary, thunderbolt in Notting Hill, Brilliantine, A marriage too perfect… In addition to identifying 70 romantic comedies to see or to revisit during the weekend of Valentine’s day, this large-format book has amount of spicy anecdotes related to their shoot. Doubly entertaining, what !

Thrills guaranteed


The institute
Stephen King
Editions Albin Michel
608 pages”>

The institute
Stephen King
Editions Albin Michel
608 pages

Another great Stephen King, this time, begins to DuPray, the tiny town in South Carolina where Tim Jamieson will decide to put down his suitcases. So to speak, because in reality, it didn’t take away much with him. Only a few clothes and his card to the police in Sarasota, which is not valid for nine months. And even if he is ridiculously overqualified for this position, it will become the main night watchman of this town of 5400 inhabitants.

Like a lab rat

But enough of the talk of Tim. Now let’s turn to Luke Ellis, a kid, very bright 12-year-old who, on his side, lives with his parents in Minneapolis. Or rather, lived. One night, his parents will be, in effect, killed him and kidnapped him. Direction of the Institute, where Luke will suffer all sorts of scientific tests barbarians. Like other kids present, he has some psychic powers and even if it is not still very good to read in the spirit of the people, Luke will not be long to understand one thing : if he wants to save his skin, he will have to find a way to escape from there and fast !

A true page-turner, what happens between the walls of the Institute, being particularly disturbing. We leave it to you to discover those reasons.

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