Humanity in opasnost: flies to the Earth by a giant meteorite

Try until that date to finish all the work to meet the end of the world with dignity.

Людство в опасності: до Землі летить гігантський метеорит

Judgement day is October 12, 2017. Well, or go on a binge – then you won’t notice that something went wrong, reports Rus.Media.

Therefore, according to astronomers, a horseman of the Apocalypse 2017 stands a 40-meter meteorite. It was discovered in 2012. Further observations showed that the trajectory of the stone has not changed – he just flies to us. Question – where exactly?

In 2015 the astronomer Judith Rice from McDonald Observatory of the University of Texas calculated that a collision can occur 12 Oct 2017. 40-meter meteorite 2012 TC4 (see, there are these figures something sinister), despite seemingly its small size, is capable of catastrophic destruction. The earth he, of course, is not split. But the explosion will hurt the ozone layer and the climate for a few years will change beyond recognition.

In all this happy one – small chance of impact with our planet, less than 1%. Although – as you know, because people in the lottery and in a worst case scenario win…

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