Humor: “A decision that hurts”


The humor community struggles to understand the government's decision which will lead, according to the Association of Professionals in the Humor Industry (APIH), to the closure of a hundred cinemas that are struggling to recover from a spring inactive.

“Many are already living with major financial challenges that could be intractable. It is an entire ecosystem which is weakened and which is becoming very precarious ”, declared the president of the APIH, François Lapointe.

In addition to dozens of shows in the red zones that will have to be postponed, or simply canceled, two comedy festivals were to be held in the coming days: Laval en rires and Juste pour rire. While the first announced Tuesday that it was completely canceling its edition, scheduled for October 2 to 9, Just for Laughs will be able to take place without any cancellation.

“We envisioned five possible scenarios during the organization this summer,” says JPR's vice-president for francophone content, Patrick Rozon. Monday, I have a lot of artists who wrote to me thanking me for not canceling. “

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