Hundreds of protesters calling for an end to the confinement in Pennsylvania

Des centaines de manifestants réclament la fin du confinement en Pennsylvanie

Harrisburg | Several hundred people, many of them supporters of Donald Trump, gathered Monday in front of the Parliament of the u.s. State of Pennsylvania, at Harrisburg, to demand the lifting of the containment.

The event occurred after a series of other protests in the last few days, mostly in regions of the united States to strong staining republican.

“Lift your restriction now!”, shouted, at the top of the steps of the Capitol, the parliamentary local republican Russ Diamond. “We can’t let the cure be worse than the disease.”

He was facing several hundred people, very few of whom wore masks, supported by a broom of cars in which the passengers klaxonnaient and waving flags.



“Work, not welfare,” said the panel, calling the local authorities to allow the restarting of the economy.

“They need to re-open, or the small businesses will die,” urged Anita Livelsberger, who lives not far from Harrisburg and whose husband is a contractor.

Pennsylvania joined six other States in the region to prepare for the exit of the containment, but no timetable has yet been given.

The measures imposed by the governor-democrat Tom Wolf are among the most stringent in the country.

“I think that their decision is based on facts,” said Tom Ryan, the accountant, who sported a cap “Trump 2020”. “They select the topics.”



Many demanded not only the lifting of the confinement, but challenged the well-founded measures.

“The world after” does not mean that we will sacrifice our freedoms for the protection of our country,” quipped Aaron Bernstine, another elected republican to the House of representatives of Pennsylvania.

Most of the protesters saw the management of the crisis by Donald Trump for a look that is much more favourable than that of their governor.

“For me, it is on the right track to solve our problems,” said Tom Ryan. “He takes his responsibilities, and it is in the operation.”

Among the organizers of the rally were activists, pro-weapons, Ben and Christopher Dorr, who have created a page on Facebook against the “quarantine excessive” in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has recorded 33 232 cases of coronavirus and 1204 death.

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