Hundreds of women without a roof

Des centaines de femmes sans toit

 The largest accommodation centre for women in need in Quebec is afraid of having to close its doors due to lack of funds due to the forced suspension of the activities of his store.

“We go week by week, laments Sylvie Bourbonnière, director of the Foundation of the Link. We do everything we can to keep the body open, because it is an essential service for women in difficulty. It is very creative at the moment, let’s say. “

This is only a matter of time before the organization has to decrease, perhaps even cease its operations, is concerned about it.

Created in 1932, the centre of accommodation of le Chaînon offers help to over one hundred vulnerable women, divided into two shelters and a halfway house, all in Montreal.

More distress

Since the beginning of the crisis, Ms. Bourbonnière has been a sharp rise in requests from women who did not want to remain confined to their homes, in fear of being subjected to violence by a spouse or a family member.

“It is capable, with less than a dollar a day to feed a woman for a day, thanks to the donations we receive of food,” she says. All donations make a difference. “

With the closure of shops, non-essential, due to the COVID-19, the body is cut off from its main source of income, or the store Link, also in the metropolis, which sells recycled products and donated, such as clothing, accessories, furniture and toys.

“It hurt at the Link. It is more than 45% of our funding that comes to us from the store. It is more difficult, we really need help, ” says the director, desperate.

$ 13 per day

If the accommodation centres usually receive a government grant of a hundred dollars per day per bed, the body, ” a victim of its success “, must operate with as little as $ 13 per woman, every day.

“We filled this gap by our activities and funding by the store, but there all is order, so we do not have these resources, she says. It should be that there is an equity between the different agencies. “

A fundraising campaign general public should be launched shortly.

“The organization exists for more than 87 years. That, it means a lot of crises, a lot of important events in the company, but it has always been there to take care of the most vulnerable, and we don’t want it to stop, ” said Ms. Bourbonnière. I’m going to do everything to ensure that the Link does not fall during the crisis. “

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