Hundredweight beauty: what were the fashionistas of different ages

Центнер красоты: какими были модницы разных времен

“Cuppy cake” rejoice! In the world of fashion today, big change: replaced long-legged skinny folk came plus size girls, that is “body”. They are not ashamed of their cellulite and folds on the stomach and are increasingly appearing on the covers of fashion magazines. By the way, these women (with sagging bellies and “breeches” on the thighs) much admired by the Renaissance artists. Especially lovingly write them out Titian and Rubens. How varied standards of beauty, and what he had to go to the fashionistas of different ages, found out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24”.

Meet this impressive size the woman’s name is Venus of Willendorf. The statuette, made in the 23rd century BC, was found on the territory of modern Austria. The work of the ancient masters shows: our ancestors chose the ladies in the body. Similar standards of beauty were in the Renaissance. Great artists have portrayed women with a tummy and cellulite, they were considered the embodiment of wealth and happiness. And the ladies were glad to try: to become a Muse of Titian and Rubens, actively ate fatty butter and sour cream.

And in the middle ages not only plucked eyebrows, and even eyelashes. Then the standard of beauty was that the girl should be high, rounded forehead and a minimum of facial hair. To form the “right” traits, girls had their hair shaved off the forehead. Now this image would call the consequences of severe rickets. In Ancient Greece, on the contrary, the fashion was the unibrow. It was considered a sign of aristocratic descent. Girls who have not had a chance to have that kind of nature, tried to draw it with charcoal and even pasted on the forehead of the villi from bird feathers. Psychologists confirm the veracity of the joke: if a woman has straight hair, she wants them to curl if curly, then by all means straighten.

“A woman always wants something to change. And the Middle ages is no exception. But because the time was not plastic surgeons, women could shave your eyebrows, to make some extraordinary hairstyles that are now perceived quite informal. In any case, they tried to change themselves. But at the time it was maybe interesting, original and even unusual,” said psychologist Sergei lang.

Today, some standards of beauty from the past seem to be just insane. It is difficult to imagine the suffering of young Chinese women who in childhood have tight bandaged foot. This was done in order that the feet always remained small. But such practices have led to a terrible deformation of bones and joints. In principle, many could no longer walk. But beauty was important because it determined the future of girls, including and a successful marriage.

“If we’re in a time machine go to Ancient China and say, “Oh, my God, why have you bandage the girls legs? They just become sedentary in life.” They would say to us: “You insignificant little people who are not surrounded by servants, do not know what prestige. We do our girls goddesses”. Paphos has much more importance than natural data,” said art historian Maria Santi.

And in Japan at all times aspired to the white color face. To emphasize its high origin, the girls painted face lead and zinc white. They gave the skin a satin smoothness. However, from the effects of toxic substances the person has acquired a grayish-yellow color and wrinkled. Ceruse ate into the skin, but women have used them again and again to hide the resulting stains. Despite harm (a white lead could cause infertility and even insanity) it was used until the XIX century.

And in the beginning of the twentieth century fashionista focused on the dimples. Those who were not, had used a special device which was worn on the person, fixed behind the ears and chin, and very much pressed on his cheeks. After some time of suffering and appeared desirable dimples.

It seems that no matter how crazy or was the standard of beauty, women in the pursuit of them will never stop. Even before the surgeon’s knife. Now, for example, someone wants my buttocks as pop diva beyoncé, and someone high cheekbones like Angelina Jolie. Women are willing to make any sacrifice, just to meet the ideal of his time.