Hungary deepens penetration in Transcarpathia

The Hungarian “soft power” Ukraine has confidently

Венгрия углубляет проникновение в Закарпатье

In the first days of October in the Ukrainian media spread the news that Hungary was to deprive of their nationality citizens of Ukraine. However, the question does not change whether Budapest’s policy towards Kiev, the answer is unequivocal – no. However, a slight adjustment of the course occurs.One of the conditions for obtaining Hungarian passports – the presence of registration (propiska) on the territory of Hungary. Residents of the Transcarpathian region sought to obtain it by all means, often going to the fraud: the man received somewhere fictitious registration, then returned to Ukraine. This scheme was especially popular among the elderly because the Hungarian pension is much more Ukrainian. However, if verification of the pensioner or the pensioner was absent at the place of registration, the Hungarian authorities were deprived of their social benefits. Now Budapest streamline the process. A lot of people were drawn up Hungarian residence for a bribe. Last year six years in prison received Zsolt Szepesi, head of municipality of the village of Monok: for those wishing to become citizens of Hungary, he earned about 400 thousand euros.

After replacing Poroshenko in Kiev Zelensky received from Budapest a certain credibility. At the inauguration Zelensky was visited by the President of Hungary Janos Ader, who called the talks with his Ukrainian counterpart encouraging. At the UN General Assembly in new York held a meeting of Ministers of foreign Affairs péter Szijjártó and Vadim Pristayko, the Hungarian Minister said that to talk with the new Ukrainian leadership has become easier.

However, in Budapest concluded that in the policy of Kiev in relation to the Hungarian minority, nothing changes. On 3 October the Russian “Izvestia” published an interview with péter Szijjártó and quoted the title words of the Hungarian Minister: “No real steps Ukraine has not made”. The laws on education and on the functioning of the Ukrainian language. The first leads to a drastic reduction in the Hungarian classes and schools, the second unleashes the persecution against people who don’t know “MOV” with different needs in her knowledge.

I hope Hungary and the Transcarpathian Ruthenians (Russians). All over Ukraine by the beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year should not be any (!) schools with Russian language of instruction. To assess the extent of the pogrom of culture in the 28 years of Ukrainian independence in 1991 in the Ukrainian SSR there were about 22 thousand schools, and half of them were schools with Russian as the language of instruction. Was also mixed schools, where the study was conducted in several languages (Ukrainian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Moldavian, etc.). All this destroyed.

During the six months that Zelensky remains President, nothing has been done to stop the cultural catastrophe. And the first who ran out of patience, were the Hungarians. Corrects policy toward overseas compatriots and Romania; Peter Siyyarto addressed to Bucharest for the proposal to move towards closer cooperation in this matter.

Now again raised the separate issue of the Magyar district of the Ukraine. Most of Transcarpathian Hungarians are concentrated in Beregovo district, a significant number of them live also in Uzhgorod, Vynohradiv, Mukachevo and areas. All of them proposed to merge into one administrative-territorial unit. Kiev welcomes such initiative in bayonets.

In July the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yegor Bozhok appealed to the security service about the card, printed on the first page of the newspaper Karpatalja, where the alleged territory of the Magyar area was painted in the colors of the Hungarian flag. After a couple of days God has accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an attempt to create an enclave in the Carpathian region. In parallel, the Ukrainian media spread information about consultations in Budapest, where government officials and the leaders of the Hungarians of Transcarpathia discussed the practical issues of establishing a separate Hungarian district in the Ukraine.

Венгрия углубляет проникновение в Закарпатье

Publication in the Transcarpathian newspaper became the reason for the appeal to SBU

September 26 in Uzhgorod regional Council approved a long-term plan for the formation of territorial communities within the framework of the decentralization process. Hungarian politicians of Transcarpathia, including Deputy head of the Transcarpathian regional Council Joseph’s Side, was pleased with the result. The vote in the regional Council declared “historic”.

The Hungarian penetration continues. Before the last elections to the Verkhovna Rada, the head of the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine and the Chairman of the Society of Hungarian culture Laszlo (Basil) Brenzovych went to Budapest, where he consulted with Viktor orbán and Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semenom. Just before the vote to campaign compatriots in Transcarpathia came Peter Siarto and the head of the government administration görgey Guias.

Венгрия углубляет проникновение в Закарпатье

The meeting in Budapest. From left to right: Zsolt Semjen, Viktor Orban and Laszlo Brenzovych. Photo:

The Secretary of state for national policy of Hungary Janos Arpad Potape happens in Transcarpathia almost every week. In mid-September, he participated in the opening ceremony of the academic year in the Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute named after Ferenc rákóczi II. The ceremony was held in the reformed Church of Beregovo in the entourage of the Magyar flag, the color she gave young people, dressed in Hungarian national costumes.

Венгрия углубляет проникновение в Закарпатье

At the opening ceremony of the academic year in the Hungarian Institute (Transcarpathia). Photo:

In early October Potami could be seen in the village of Great Dobron ‘ near Uzhgorod, where he opened a new school. And again, the banners, the costumes of past eras, etc.

Венгрия углубляет проникновение в Закарпатье

Венгрия углубляет проникновение в Закарпатье

Janos Arpad Potape acts great Dobroń (Transcarpathia)

With the help of Janos Arpad Potape in Berehove organized the football Cup to the memory of sándor Kocsis. This player is one of the legends of Barcelona. In the late 50’s, he escaped from socialist Hungary to the West and still took second place in the list of the best scorers in the history of the Catalan club. To Transcarpathia Barcelona celebrity is irrelevant; the tournament is in honor of Kocsis is part of the Hungarian cultural expansion.

Recently in Berehove presented a collection of Ruthenian ballads, translated into the Hungarian language. The book was published in Budapest, the event was held with the participation of the Consul General of Hungary Matthias Szilagyi on the territory of the Hungarian diplomatic mission.

With the support of the Hungarian government Fund Bethlen Gabor reconstruction of the Park and the square in front Beregovskoy district administration. Work is almost finished, it remains only to set up on the pedestal of a statue of Ferenc rákóczi II – Magyar national hero. The place will be called “Area of Budapest”.

The presence of Hungary in the Carpathian region of Ukraine with each passing month it becomes more noticeable. Hungarians work, the Hungarian “soft power” operates steadily, and sooner or later the number of all Hungarian in Transcarpathia turns into quality.Sergey Pavlenko

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