Hungary refused to participate in “Eurovision-2020”

Венгрия отказалась от участия в "Евровидении-2020"

Hungary decided to abandon participation in the International song contest “Eurovision-2020”. The official reasons for refusal have not been made public, but this is probably due to the fact that the competition looks “too gay” in the eyes of the right the Hungarian government and the heads of the media, reports The Guardian.

In recent times the country has been increasing homophobic rhetoric, and Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is hostile to migrants, launched a policy of “family first” policy, aimed at maintaining the traditional family.

Earlier this year, the speaker of Parliament of Hungary compared the adoption of children by same-sex couples with pedophilia. The commentator governmental TV channel called Eurovision “gay flotilla” and said that a refusal to participate in the competition will be useful for mental health Hungarians.

Source The Guardian on the state TV channel Hungarian MTVA said that the channel attributed the refusal to participate in the competition with the fact that “Eurovision” is associated with the LGBT culture.

“It doesn’t surprise me. It was in the spirit of organizational culture MTVA”, – said the interlocutor of the edition, and added that Hungarian channel does not encourage positive coverage of the issue of the rights of the LGBT minority. The exception was the annual lighting of the Budapest Pride.

In the email, which was sent to The Guardian, The MTVA noted that “instead of having to participate in “Eurovision-2020″, we directly support important products created by the representatives of the Hungarian pop culture”.

In recent years, the party show, The Song became representative of Hungary at Eurovision. This year the contest will also be held, but as a prize the winner will receive the opportunity to speak to some of the local media and events.

Officially MTVA did not name the reason for this decision.

“Eurovision-2019” was held in tel Aviv in may this year. The victory was won by Dutch singer Duncan Lawrence, who received a vote of 492 points. In second place is the representative of Italy Mamud (465 points), and closes the three leaders Sergey Lazarev from Russia (369 points).

Ukraine refused to participate in “Eurovision-2019”. Singer MARUV (Anna Korsun), won the national selection on February 23, refused to represent Ukraine after examining the clauses of the contract, which she considers “outrageous”. The singer, who has toured in Russia, said he did not want to be “a bat in the political arena”.

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