Hungary’s elections won by the party of Orban

The party of Hungarian Prime Minister won a constitutional majority in Parliament.

На виборах в Угорщині перемогла партія Орбана

Hungary’s elections third time in a row won by the party of the incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban FIDESZ, which has been in Parliament the constitutional majority, reports Rus.Media.

After counting 95% of the votes, the coalition that includes party Fidesz and the Christian democratic people’s party with 48,64% of the votes they received two-thirds of the seats in Parliament 133 199.

It is worth noting that Orban runs Hungary since 2010 and during his reign, relations with Ukraine and the EU seriously deteriorated.

Thus, the EU criticized the Hungarian Prime Minister for the restriction of media freedom, civil rights and immigration policy – that Orban has led the opposition to the EU, which opposed the distribution of refugees from member countries of the European Union.

Its current campaign of the Hungarian Prime Minister built on a critique of EU immigration policy and accusations that billionaire George Soros in an attempt to fill Hungary migrants. The use of images of external enemies and disunity of the opposition has allowed Orban to retain power for the next four years.

Meanwhile, Hungary’s relations with Ukraine in recent years has also deteriorated since the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on education in September 2017. Since then, Orban and foreign Minister of Hungary péter Szijjártó became the most rigid critics of Ukrainian politics.

Ahead of the Hungarian elections in the Administration of the President of Ukraine expressed hope for reducing the hostile rhetoric of the Orban government after the election, but Siyarto have repeatedly insisted that Budapest will not give up in the requirements of Ukraine regarding legal guarantees for the lack of implementation of the law on education.

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