Hürriyet: the whole “spy world” watching a single event

Hürriyet: весь «шпионский мир» следит за одним-единственным событием

On the eve of Turkey made a very important step in Cyprus.The decision was made to establish an air base for unmanned aircraft, including those equipped with weapons, on the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).What does it mean?The clearest answer — meeting held in Dolmabahce Palace. The Chairman of the presidential Council of the national consensus Government of Libya Faiz al-Sarraj (Fayiz as-Sarraj) met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.It was not just a meeting. Yesterday it was focused the attention of all diplomatic missions in the middle East. “Spy world”, as we say, followed a single event. For these critical negotiations from the point of view of energy wars in the Eastern Mediterranean — the negotiations between Turkey and Libya.Friends, you may have noticed, and maybe not, but know that at the moment all eyes are focused on Cyprus. Whoever wanted to control the energy routes in the Eastern Mediterranean — their roads lead to Cyprus.That’s why, if we go back a little into our past, the peacekeeping operation in Cyprus was not conducted in vain. And now we have a better understanding of it.Who just has not hit Cyprus over natural gas: France, Italy, USA… Their giant oil companies around the world… moreover, not so long ago, the Greek part of Cyprus was visited by the commander of land forces of the United States.Then Italy and France got a military base from the Greek Cypriot authorities… In exchange for what? Of course, to permit gas exploration activity.Then Egypt and Israel have teamed up with each other. Can you imagine? This is a situation from which Yasser Arafat (Yaser Arafat) in the coffin would be turned over. Egypt and Israel together.For what? For natural gas in the Mediterranean sea.In General, today the Eastern Mediterranean has become a strategic energy hub of the world. Turkey, friends, in such a vital period is not sitting idly by and forms a very important base in Cyprus.Yes, Turkey makes a new strategic move in the Eastern Mediterranean. You know what that means? This means that after the operation “the Source of peace” Turkey worldwide says: “We are also here and will be here until the end.” And then these drones travel to the TRNC.Know what I like the most? These drones, equipped with weapons and unarmed, was developed by our young guys.Good that we have you, our sons…

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