Hydro-Quebec is an attack on the accessibility of the terminals of its electrical Circuit

SEPT-ÎLES – Hydro-Québec is taking concrete steps to ensure the accessibility of its electrical Circuit to the persons who are mobility-impaired.

The State-owned company reacts to the story of TVA News last November in which a citizen of Sept-Îles, Christian Ratté, complained about the little empathy that she expressed on this issue.

Since then, Hydro-Québec has made his mea culpa and made Christian Ratté, a contributor to improving access to its facilities.

“There is really a sensitivity. At the beginning, I had no one to listen to on their part. They were not focused on the subject,” said Mr. Ratté, Friday, in an interview with TVA News.

At the invitation of Hydro-Quebec, Christian Ratté recently visited in the homes of two suppliers of electrical terminals.

Modifications to improve access for people with reduced mobility have been made.

On one of the two models of the terminals used by Hydro-Québec, the company AddÉnergie, the screen and the control buttons will be lowered, and the guns of recharge will be moved a little more to the front.

Also, the location of utility poles and protection of the charging station on its concrete slab have also been redesigned to ensure access for people with reduced mobility.

“It is sure that it will never be completely perfect, but there is a big improvement compared to older systems,” rejoiced Mr. Ratté.

“Actually, it was not perfect, admitted the spokesperson for Hydro-Québec Louis-Olivier Batty. We would like to thank Mr. Ratté, we have helped to make our kiosks accessible.”

Hydro-Québec is sensitizing its partners to ensure that parking spaces are large enough around the terminals for people with reduced mobility.

“We have approximately 300 rapid charging that are in service in Quebec. It will install nearly 1,600 over the next 10 years, so it comes at a good time so that we can correct the situation, make improvements and ensure that the terminals are accessible to everyone,” said Mr. Batty.

Christan Ratté no further doubt of the good faith of Hydro-Québec to improve access to its charging stations, but plan to be very attentive to the deployment of the electric Circuit over the next few years.

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