Hyperactive child: how to captivate without screaming and panic

Гиперактивный ребенок: как увлечь без крика и паники

Hyperactive child – is a sign of disease or a result of improper upbringing? Probably, most of us had to watch – and well, if only from the outside – as some kids are fussy, throwing tantrums, screaming and tears require you to buy them any toy, constantly rush back and forth, climb on the fence, flowerbed, fountain, to the stray dogs and so on. In such situations, the question arises: why do some children can sit quietly if they asked adults and understand what “possible” and “impossible” and such understanding is impossible to achieve?

Just say that a single diagnosis on all occasions does not exist.

Causes of hyperactivity may be different: it could be a disease caused by damage of individual parts of the brain and associated with mental retardation, it may be the syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (abbreviated as ADHD), and this may indicate the gaps in education.

Therefore, if parents are faced with signs of hyperactivity in children, it is necessary to consult a neurologist – only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis and, in General, to understand whether the observed disorder of the disease. And, regardless of the verdict of the doctor, parents have long work on the child’s adaptation to society so that he could go to school, to gain knowledge and social skills.

Signs of hyperactivity

So what are the behavioral problems should alert parents and get to see the doctor? Such features several.

Symptoms of hyperactivity:

Inability to sit in place.Uncontrolled movements of the hands and feet, fidgeting, wriggling.Constant purposeless movements (jumping, attempt to get).Excessive noise and talkativeness.Inability to concentrate on any occupation.In fact, the ability to focus for long on one activity – stacking, the structure of the pyramids and other simple actions – should form the children have a half-two years. If not – this is the first alarm bell that should cause concern. If two years, there are all these signs, you must immediately begin work on correcting the behavior, even if the final diagnosis is not delivered.

For reference: doctors often do not undertake a final diagnosis up to 6 years, until all the processes of maturation and formation of basic psychomotor functions and will not be able to assess whether a child is ready for normal training in the ordinary school.

How to adjust the hyperactivity

First and foremost, remember: no yelling and panic! Children at early school age in full copy adults and if you’re out to scream and panic, the child will copy this model of behavior, further exacerbating their hyperactivity and its symptoms, tantrums, shouting, screaming, restlessness, etc.

The attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity

Secondly, not just medicine brings together into a single syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity. The inability of children to become interested in any lesson and focus on it – a direct consequence of the fact that the parents did not try to engage the child, to captivate him or to communicate with him and explain the phenomena of the world.

It is not enough just to hand over a toy and then state that the child left her after two minutes – you need to tell me how it is possible to play, why it is needed and so on. Even the youngest man can and should give dosed information about the natural environment. For example, that water is wet, snow is cold and when the snow melts – it will turn into water and become wet. In families where parents communicate with children from an early age, hard symptoms of hyperactivity occur much less frequently than in families where the dad is always busy and mother is constantly talking to friends on the phone.

Clarity and consistency — the salvation in the development of the hyperactive child

Thirdly, the family grows a hyperactive child must be a clear agenda. In principle, it should be everywhere, but for children with hyperactivity – in the first place. Thus, the rise time and bedtime should be fixed, and this should be made – in particular, the silence, starting at 21:00, even if you still need to sit down with the papers and to answer correspondence at work.

Гиперактивный ребенок: как увлечь без крика и паники

Meal times should also be fixed, but without fanaticism: if the child does not want to dine at the appointed time – don’t insist, but do not allow endless snacking and running around to the refrigerator until dinner. Optimally, if you are at all afternoon until dinner, send him out for a walk in the fresh air or take to the sports section, if he had turned three years old. In other words, access to food outside the schedule should not be, in General, because the mode of the day for correction of behaviour of the child with hyperactivity – essential basic condition.

To direct the energy in right direction: moving, sports, dancing and similar

Fourth important point is to ensure to guide the child hyperactivity in a constructive direction. So, you should clearly mark the space where the child can do whatever he pleases. If the baby is very small – it can be a room where raised up all breakable items, closed all the sharp corners of furniture, Windows, draw the blinds, and floor soft cover, better sports mats. Then you will not have to stress out the fact that he jumps, tumbles, crawls and runs, because you’ll know that the baby won’t hurt themselves or the housing interior.

If the child is older – look for the sports section, and do not put yourself and the important task of the coach like to grow up the champion. Enough if the child will try to bring part of its energy on training, and return home a little tired. And, of course, put in the apartment with the prominent places iron, Curling iron, electric grill and all that you can to enable persuasion to a hyperactive child would be ineffective.

What is the “syndrome of devaluation”

But what you can’t afford a child is to blackmail you and somehow “devalue” you and the other members of the family. What does this mean in practical application? If the child is in hysterics in the middle of a shopping center demanding to buy him a toy – just pick it up off the floor and get in a quiet deserted place. When the child calms down, explain to him that by such methods and in such behavior he will not get anything from you – that is, at all, ever. It is important that this pattern of behavior adhered to by all members of the family and “focus” with the hysteria did not lead compassionate grandmother.

The same pattern of behavior is mandatory at the first signs of “syndrome of depreciation”. If the child undertook to call and insult the household calmly and clearly explain to him that this can not be done, otherwise this will be followed by a punishment (not getting a toy, candy, won’t be watching the cartoon and so on). If after the punishment was followed by a tantrum – we have already figured out what to do in case of tantrums.

Гиперактивный ребенок: как увлечь без крика и паники

And don’t do that here “onizhedeti” and even more hyperactive. Hyperactive children are the same guys, only more so, and also parents feel

Fluids treatment of hyperactivity

In order to help the child to cope with the consequences of hyperactivity – inability to concentrate, take in information, to prepare the homework to the lessons – the doctor may prescribe corrective medication.

If the child received treatment – parents must follow the doctor’s recommendations and to provide timely medication child. As a rule, after several years of treatment, the drug overturned, and the children are able to adapt to the teaching process, to grasp the educational material and to behave appropriately in society. It is totally doable if you have a hyperactive child, and you just went to the doctor, had fulfilled all the recommendations, including how to get children without shouting and panic in any occupation.

And remember that the main threat for immature child’s mind is immature grow up! So I wish you patience and health to your children!

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