“I am happy and privileged” – Marina Orsini

Actress and host Marina Orsini is stepping up projects this fall. She is back in the role of Anemone in “Another Story” and she's at the helm of the new daily show “5 chefs dans ma cuisine”. After active and beneficial confinement, Marina Orsini comes back to us in great shape, still just as passionate.

In Marina Orsini's previous morning show on Radio-Canada, the cooking segment was very popular and the host received a lot of comments on the recipes presented there. With her producers, she therefore naturally worked on the concept of a cooking show.

“I wanted to work with chefs,” said the host. We have incredible chefs in Quebec! They are very often restaurateurs and we want to give them a helping hand to help them move up the slope in the current context. We also want to put our producers in the foreground. ”

Marina therefore receives a chef on a daily basis according to a specific theme, in “5 chefs dans ma cuisine”. “For example, every Monday, we cook without meat, Tuesdays, it's local products, and Wednesdays are reserved for cooking in large quantities to stock up. It will become rituals with our viewers. ”

As for Thursdays, they are reserved for the flavors of the world, an openness that the host wanted with all her heart. “We are going to touch on Haitian, Vietnamese, Laotian, but also Spanish and Italian cuisine. We receive chefs who come from different countries, and they arrive with the history of their country and their immigration. It gives meeting jewelry; it's really awesome!”


Cooking every day with chefs represents a certain challenge for Marina, who says she is very greedy. “Fortunately, I am lucky because, at the base, I have good genes. With the level of gluttony that I have, I could gain five pounds per day, but I have lost a few pounds in recent months. The pandemic has relieved me of a few pounds because I have been outdoors a lot. I also reviewed my diet. I will continue to be rigorous by cutting back on pasta and all the other starchy foods. In fact, it is the dosage which remains the main principle to be respected. However, I will always taste what the chefs prepare. ”

Find her children

On the fictional side, “Another story” has many nice surprises in store for this new season. “Anemone finds her children. This reunion will not be without upsets and pain; it is not a given. It is a perilous project for her, because she does not know what to expect and she will have a lot of explanations to give. It's going to be a dense and intense season, with a lot of turnovers and twists. ”

The actress even had the chance to play with her son, Thomas Postigo. “There was a scene where someone had to touch me, but it's difficult because of COVID. Brigitte Couture, the director, asked me if Thomas would be interested in acting. He obviously gladly accepted. It will therefore be in an episode of the series. ”

Beneficial resourcing

The confinement of the last few months has been rather positive for Marina. “I was often in the countryside; I had the privilege of not being caught in town. There, I walked a lot in the woods, I walked a lot. This period was a moment of renewal for me. Like everyone else, it allowed me to stop, to look at my life and how I live it. ”

This period also allowed Marina to do an introspection on her existence. “It's like, for once, I'm looking at my life with a big magnifying glass. I found that I was happy and privileged in life. I took advantage of this period to take care of myself and my family. In my case, it was a time when I was able to take a step back and appreciate the life I have built. ”

“5 chefs dans ma cuisine” is broadcast Monday to Friday at 11:30 am and “Une autre histoire”, Monday at 8 pm, both on Radio-Canada.

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