“I buy a book québécois”, a success that lasts

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir
The phenomenon born on social networks, launched by the authors Patrice Cazeault and Amélie Dubé, who were trying to make something constructive and positive for the book, and quebec.

The time to collate figures and data, the time counting, the time to compare. The management company of the Banque de titres de langue française (BTLF) has unveiled a few days ago the results of the last ” on The 12th of August, I bought a book by quebec. And BTLF concludes that the launch in 2014 of this day that celebrates the book, made in Quebec has changed, really, buying habits, summer in the bookstores here.

“Before 2014, illustrates the BTLF, for every $ 100 spent in quebec books (all categories) on August 12, we used to spend $ 9 for quebec literature, so that after 2014, [the average expenditure amounted] to $ 33 for the four editions of the 12 August. “

By 2017, sales in bookstores have seen an increase of 390 % for the day on which the edition of here is featured. Sales of fiction in quebec are those who benefit the most of this burst, and they have been multiplied by five when compared to the total sales of the five previous Saturdays. “On the 12th of August 2017 is not only a jump in sales in quantity,” continues the BTLF, but it does also increase the variety of titles of fiction bought : the number of securities sold double. We buy more books, and not just novelties. It also buys more than one copy, more of a title, and not just a single author. The enthusiasm is felt throughout the province, not just in major centres. And foreign books also benefit from the effect, even though it is less marked for their segment.

On 12 August, a phenomenon that is lightning, is born on the social networks, launched by the authors of fantasy Patrice Cazeault and Amélie Dubé, who were looking as well, simple way, to do something constructive and positive for the book, and quebec, rather than repeating the alarmist talk. The date, chosen simply because ” douzou, it sounds good… “, allows since, as a Christmas of the camper, to revive sales in bookstores during the summer period known more for its flat calm. To this day, it is the edition of 2015 which has created the most momentum, making it inflate the sales of 483 % ; 2017 is to be found in the second position.

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