“I can not ensure its competitiveness”: how the United States respond to a potential purchase by Egypt, the Russian su-35

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and the Secretary of defense mark Esper sent a letter to the Egyptian Minister of defense, U.S. media reported. According to them, the document States that the United States can impose restrictions against Egypt if the country will buy from Russia the su-35. It is noted that the message was sent to Cairo at the same time with the visit of Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who took part in the meeting of the bilateral Commission on military-technical cooperation. Pompeo previously already warned Cairo about possible sanctions in connection with the purchase of su-35. According to experts, Washington’s actions is not only unfair competition, but an attempt to demonstrate their political influence. However, according to analysts, the restrictive measures — the only leverage the White house.

«Не могут обеспечить свою конкурентоспособность»: как США реагируют на потенциальную покупку Египтом российских Су-35

The su-35 fighter RIA Novosti © Mikhail Voskresensktsement USA Mike Pompeo and the Secretary of defense mark Esper warned Egypt of possible sanctions in connection with the decision of Cairo to continue to purchase Russian su-35, according to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. The publication claims that in his possession was a letter addressed to Pompeo and Esper Minister of defence and military industry of Egypt, Colonel-General Mohammed Ahmed Zaki.The message said that the acquisition of Egypt, the Russian su-35 will complicate the provision of military aid to the country from the United States, therefore Pompeo and Esper called on the Egyptian Minister to cancel the transaction.

“Major new deals with Russia for the supply of arms at least complicate future transactions between the U.S. and Egypt in this field and assistance in the field of security,” the letter reads.

The WSJ also notes that the treatment Pompeo and Esper was directed to Cairo simultaneously with the arrival in Egypt of the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, who took part in the sixth meeting of the Russian-Egyptian Commission on military-technical cooperation.

Dissatisfaction With Washington

In 2015 China became the first foreign customer for the new fighter up to this su-35 was in service with only the Russian space forces. Under contract for $2.5 billion Beijing acquired from the Russian side 24 of the machine. The contract for the supply of 11 su-35 was signed with Indonesia in February 2018.

Later in mass media there was information that Indonesia allegedly can withdraw from the contract because of concerns about sanctions from Washington in the framework of the law “On combating the enemies of America by sanctions” (CAATSA). Subsequently, the head of the defense Ministry of Indonesia, Ryamizard Rakudo stated that his country will continue to comply with their obligations under the current agreements with Russia.

Experts remind that the U.S. government had previously attempted to put pressure on Egypt, so he terminated the contract for the purchase of Russian fighters. In April 2019, the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced the members of the Committee of Congress for budget appropriations, the White house warned Cairo that import of weapons and military equipment from Russia will entail the introduction of restrictive measures in accordance with CAATSA.

«Не могут обеспечить свою конкурентоспособность»: как США реагируют на потенциальную покупку Египтом российских Су-35

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and the Secretary of defense mark Esper AFP © Rick RycroftЗакон CAATSA adopted by the us Congress in response to the alleged “interference” of Russia in the U.S. presidential election, allows to impose all sorts of restrictions in respect of customers of products of Russian defense enterprises. The United States started to apply this law after several countries expressed interest in anti-missile systems s-400.

Egypt is not the first state, which the White house threatened sanctions for the purchase of arms from Moscow. In 2018 restrictive measures in accordance with the provisions CAATSA was entered against the Department in the development of weapons the Central military Commission of the PRC (EDD) and its leader Lee Sanfu for contracts for the purchase of SAMS from Russia.

In addition, the US put pressure on Turkey for the acquisition of s-400 in response, the us Senate has frozen the transfer of Turkey’s fifth generation fighter F-35, has excluded the country from the program of their production and announced the possible termination of training Turkish pilots for these aircraft. However, sanctions against Ankara in accordance with CAATSA administration trump still has not sent the White house keeps trying to convince Turkey to terminate the contract with Russia in exchange for some agreement on $100 billion, which some American media have already called the “superdelay”.

In addition, the state Department has stated that they intend to put pressure on India, which also signed a major contract for the purchase of Russian air defense system. The white house is slow in sanctions, hoping to convince new Delhi, however, the administration trump did not rule out that a number of restrictions in accordance with CAATSA will be introduced against the country in the future.

“Only sanctions”

According to experts, the sanctions policy is the only tool that can be used by the United States in their struggle against large-scale Russian military-industrial exports.

“Previously, Washington is scared of Erdogan and Turkey sanctions for the purchase of s-400, now this scares the Egyptian authorities, respectively, to other countries it can only apply the policy. It primarily demonstrates that to ensure its competitiveness in other ways Americans can not”, — explained in an interview with RT, Professor NRU HSE Dmitry Evstafiev.According to the Director of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt at the Moscow state University Yury And, in doing so, Washington is trying to assert its dominant position on the global arms market.

«Не могут обеспечить свою конкурентоспособность»: как США реагируют на потенциальную покупку Египтом российских Су-35

The Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (left) and Minister of defence and military industry of Egypt, Muhammad Zaki during a meeting in Cairo RIA Novosti © Vadim Savitsky”USA some time considered Egypt as an ally, respectively, supported him and supplied the weapons. Today, Washington is becoming the choice of Cairo, saying that he needs to buy either us weapons or Russian. In this case, the question is not only unfair competition, but also demonstrating political influence,” the expert explained in a conversation with RT.While Yuri Rogulev added that the presence of the countries of the Middle East aviation equipment and missile defense systems American manufacturing guarantees the Pentagon access to their airspace.

As noted by Dmitry Evstafiev, sanctions pressure on Egypt to the American side tries to clear the market for its F-35 fighter, the platform which, according to analysts, is highly controversial, in terms of combat characteristics.

“But it will still need to export to pay for its programme of development, so the Americans are making efforts to quickly now someone to sell this fighter. Washington can also offer Patriot air defense system and any system for the Navy, but no more,” — said the expert.

He also said that lobbying for its defense products, the United States actively used the lending, investment in the development of the industry in other countries, leasing program and long term care guaranteed purchase of American weapons.

“There were a political lever is the membership in various political and military alliances, which dramatically reduced the possibility of purchasing weapons from someone from the outside. Today, the US has, in fact, there was only the sanctions that speaks about the unification of the instruments of American global unipolarity and, consequently, demonstrates the weakness of Washington in this sector”, — said Evstafev.Alexander Karpov, Alyona Medvedeva

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