“I do not deliver the Jews”: restaurant complaint against delivery man refusing kosher orders

    “I do not deliver the Jews”: restaurant complaint against delivery man refusing kosher orders

    Two Jewish restaurateurs from Strasbourg lodged a complaint, as well as the Israelite consistory of Bas-Rhin, after one or two Deliveroo delivery men refused to take charge of their orders and made anti-Semitic comments on Thursday, December 7.

    Thursday, December 7, a few minutes apart, one or two deliverers from the Deliveroo platform refused to take orders in two kosher restaurants in Strasbourg. “The delivery man asked the restaurant owner what he served as a specialty. When the latter replied,” Israeli specialties, “the delivery man replied, ‘I do not deliver Jews.’ Faced with the restaurant owner’s protests, the delivery man told him. presented his phone telling him that the order is canceled “, indicates Me Raphaël Nisand, who lodged a complaint on Sunday on behalf of the Israelite consistory of Bas-Rhin and the national office for vigilance against anti-Semitism (BNVCA). “It is reminiscent of the boycott of Jewish stores of sad memory. It is a problem for restaurateurs and for customers, if we let that happen. We go directly from anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism, in the same sentence.”

    The same facts happened about twenty minutes later, in another kosher restaurant in the European capital. “The two restaurateurs know each other and filed a complaint on Friday, December 8 for discrimination in the offer of a good or a service because of ethnic and religious origin”, specifies Me Nisand. “They are very worried, do not understand. They are apolitical.” The “click and collect” represents the only way to trade in this period of health crisis. “If they are boycotted, it will be problematic “, he notes.

    Complaint against Deliveroo

    Raphaël Nisand therefore also filed a complaint, against the delivery person (s), but also against Deliveroo. “Even if Deliveroo will contest and they have the status of auto-entrepreneur, these deliverers are signed Deliveroo and represent the company. They practice a discriminatory attitude with regard to the penal code “. The lawyer asks that the home food delivery company dismiss this or these individual (s) and adopt a charter that clearly prohibits discriminatory attitudes.

    Contacted by AFP, Deliveroo said he had contacted the restaurateurs concerned. “We take this incident very seriously and immediately decided to conduct our own internal investigation, to clarify these circumstances “, responded the company in a written message. “If the facts as they are reported are proven, we will act and put an end to the contract of the responsible delivery person”, adds the meal delivery platform, declaring that it does not have “no tolerance for anti-Semitic words or actions, which constitute a criminal offense, and condemn (er) any act of this nature with the greatest firmness”. The investigation was entrusted to the departmental security.

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