“I don’t demand it since the beginning,” says Charles Hudon

«Je ne demande que ça depuis le début», affirme Charles Hudon

Michel Bergeron has never been afraid to deliver the substance of his thought. He does not hesitate to ask a direct question when he has the opportunity.

The “Tiger” had a striker of the Montreal Canadiens Charles Hudon, Thursday, on the plateau of Dave Morissette en direct , TVA Sports, to know if the Almatois is not “tired” of always having to make his place with the big club and not having the head entirely devoted to hockey.

“I don’t demand that that from the beginning, to play hockey,” he says. In the first year, I had a lot of help (Tomas) Plekanec. I was a rookie.”

“The following year, this was one of my most difficult years as a hockey player. At the end of the year and during the summer, I found myself asking a lot of questions. Come back with Laval is that which has done me the most good. I found the taste to play hockey and stay long on the ice.”

“We’ll see, but I think the year that I have lived has helped me to rediscover the fun of playing hockey.”

Hudon has sometimes doubted his own potential. During the most recent campaign, however, he realized that he had the background to play with the best.

“I’m able to play in the national League, he insists. It is sure that the ice time changes a lot for a player. My goal is to play hockey.”

“It clicked with Joel Bouchard and Alex Burrows in Laval. I said ‘I want to play hockey, let me do what I have to do’. With Jake Evans, and Dale Weise, it was there that I found my a lot of fun to play. I said, ‘as soon as I have my chance, I’ll take it’.”

A discussion with Claude Julien

On his second recall with the CH, Hudon had a discussion with head coach Claude Julien. He wanted to make sure to be on the same wave length with the man who was running it.

“I told him that even if I was going to make mistakes, that I was going to continue to play. I wasn’t going to do like last year and to dwell only on the negative. I wanted to focus on the positive during the matches.”

Hudon has not been recalled by chance. The winger, 25 years old was burned in the american League before being recalled by the Habs, he put 27 goals in 46 meetings with the Rocket for a total of 35 points.

The one who scored two points in 15 games with the Blue-white-red confesses that he was sometimes long time before you receive the phone call from general manager Marc Bergevin to cross highway 15.

“There are plenty of things that happen between the ears. When a guy is reminding you compare the statistics. But during the year that just passed, I really have not looked. I said to Joel, ‘I’m going to remember when I’m going to remember.”

“I have a one-year contract and I just want to have fun playing hockey.”

Automatically series?

If the NHL and the players union to adopt the most recent plan to restart the season, 24 teams will be automatically admitted in a knock-out tournament.

All these courses will have the opportunity to play for the Stanley cup, which is a source of motivation for many. The Canadians would then have a guardian, the most praised by the shooters opponent in Carey Price.

“This would be a Stanley cup special, he believes. Anything can happen. A team can be 24th and win. Everything can change in the playoffs.”

Moreover, Hudon says that although he is a young father of a family, he is ready to resume playing in two weeks regardless of the geographical constraints and the scenario adopted.

“It is sure and certain. We hear rumours from everywhere. We talk in our team group to see how it will work. We just wait to do it again.”

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