I hate being pregnant: Kim Kardashian has shared the secret on the pages of gloss

Socialite graced the cover of ELLE magazine and gave a candid interview.

Я ненавиджу бути вагітною: Кім Кардашян поділилася сокровенним на сторінках глянцю

American reality star Kim Kardashian, who recently shared the first self with a tiny daughter from a surrogate mother, became the heroine of the April issue of ELLE magazine and gave a candid interview, reports Rus.Media.

37-year-old Kim told about her husband Kanye West, three children – daughters North of Chicago and son of the Saint, surrogate motherhood, health problems and habits.

From the revelations of the stars, it became known that she hates clutter, so she’s always order in everything.

“My life is like chaos, so everything should be as simple as possible. And clean. No mess. Also can not stand, when the phone is full. Every night I delete all the junk. Leave only what you may need in the future. I can’t stand garbage information,” said Kardashian.

Also, the socialite shared details of their birth, noting that she had severe complications.

“After birth, the placenta needs to come out. But mine is stuck. Through such women often die during childbirth. In my case, to deliver the placenta, the doctor had to stick me in the arm almost to the elbow and get it all. It was very painful,” he admitted in a rather unpleasant episode Kim.

As you know, third child star gave birth to a surrogate mother. This has resulted in health problems, but Kim does not like the definition of “surrogate mother”.

“Yeah, I call her a surrogate mother, but actually this is wrong: this is surrogate motherhood would happen if doctors took sperm from my husband and the oocyte of another woman. But this is not the case: the genetic material my and Kanye. Just our child has made another woman,” said Kardashian.

Kim also said that hated being pregnant, but still would like to give birth to itself.

About the relationship with the beloved man Kim said that they complement each other and always something to teach.

“We complement each other. He’s teaching me to defend his point of view, and I want him to be more calm and careful. We compensate each other,” added the socialite.

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